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  • Foster
    'Be Cool Bandit' gets nearly 20 years in jail
    Having a catchy nickname while doing crimes will not get you too far in life. something at least one criminal can attest to.On Friday, the defendant who would become known as the “Be Cool Bandit” got a sentence of 19 years and 8 months...
  • Bandit
    Help bring Bandit home
    As a pet owner, it's so tough to think aboutyour pet being away from your for any length of time. Now imagine your sweet pet has been missing for over four months. That's what happened to Elvina Beals. She was out walking her two Shetland...
  • The Patdown
    Chopper: Pint-sized biker dude wrongly accused?
    You know, I really have to wonder what this world is coming to. We have double-digit unemployment, $4-a-gallon gasoline and enemies threatening us with nukes. And now we have a pint-sized biker dude up against the wall being frisked by a copper...
  • Joseph Anthony Zamorran
    Alleged 'Clown Bandit' headed for Mental Health Court
    A Utah man who allegedly covered his cheeks with red lipstick and robbed a convenience store in South Salt Lake City will see his case go to Mental Health Court.Joseph Anthony Zamorran, 26, was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Tuesday in Third...
  • KISS bandit's mask
    80-year-old man rips mask off of the KISS bandit
    An 80-year-old former police officer from India confronted the so-called KISS robber in a burglary attempt last Saturday and managed to grab the bandit’s mask, according to Fox40 News. Police have dubbed the gunman the KISS robber because of...
  • wigoutbandit
    Denver police seek 'wigged out bandit'
    His appearance might seem comical to some, but the fact that a man in the Denver area has robbed six banks, once while wearing an outrageous wig, is no laughing matter to local authorities.The Denver Police Department and the Rocky Mountain Safe...
  • I-35 Bandit
    San Antonio FBI field office asking for public's help identifying I-35 Bandit
    The San Antonio FBI Field Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying the “I-35 Bandit.”Considered “extremely dangerous,” the white middle-aged 5’ 6” man is believed to be responsible for at...
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