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Grilled Pizza

November 11, 2011
So now that it's cold outside you're probably not using the grill as much. This grilled pizza recipe can be made in the oven just by using a pizza stone. Turn your oven on...

Pumpkin Cookies

October 18, 2011
While many people in Portland often over buy their canned pumpkin this time of year, here is a sweet treat you can try with some of your extras. Many Portlanders love this cookie because it is different from the...

Ranch BBQ Chicken

April 11, 2011
There's lots of things you can do with chicken. Most people LOVE chicken but it can get boring fast so here's a way to dress it up, country style. I call it Ranch BBQ.I'...

Cheesy scalloped potatoes

March 27, 2011
In the south, Sunday dinner tends to be a big occasion, and many southern homes will have a variety of side dishes, one of which is rice. However, a wonderful alternative to traditional rice is serving yummy cheesy scalloped potatoes...

King Cake

February 16, 2011
King Cake is everyone's favorite during the Mardi Gras season.Ingredients1 pack of active dry yeast1/2 cup of warm water2 tablespoons of milk4 1/2 cups of flour8 ounces of real butter1 cup of sugar1/2 teaspoon...

Eggplant bake recipe served to your liking

January 14, 2011
What do you do when you have four people with different food preferences but only a short amount of time to cook a meal? Do what I did and make a dish that can be served several ways and once...

Cookie month: Pineapple drop cookies recipe

October 16, 2010
I have had this recipe for years; an old boyfriend's mother made them for us all the time. This is a great soft and spongy cookie.Find everything you need to make these at your local Meijer.  ...