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  • Pain D'Avignon the perfect hostess gift
    Pain D'Avignon: From daily bread to hostess gift
    While the French are shutting down shops, bakeries, boutiques and more as they head off on vacation for all or parts of the month of August, we in New England are also stretching out our weekends, and taking days off here and there to head for the...
  • March 21 is National French Bread Day
    Eat French bread on March 21: National French Bread Day
    You have a lot of breads to choose from; however choose French bread today.March 21 is National French Bread Day.French bread, also known as a baguette, is a crusty loaf baked in a long, thin shape. The French have been making long sticks of bread...
  • Tote Gluten-free Bakery
    Toté Bakery and Store: Gluten-free Italian Bakery in South Philly
    Hey, Philly! Hey, Celiacs! Did you know our fair city has another gluten free bakery to call its very own, in the Italian market, no less? Toté Bakery and Store (pronounced toe-tay) opened in late 2011, and they’ve got the goods: bread,...
  • Italian Gelato in Sienna
    There’s No Place Like Rome (Italy, that is) – Bella Bruschetta!!
    I am new to Sacramento, CA and found a few Italian restaurants in the Sacramento area that prepare worthy Italian food like the more upscale restaurants, The Waterboy ( Biba Restaurant (http://www.biba...
  • Baguette Paris
    Baguette Paris in Long Beach
    There’s a little sandwich shop that many would drive past and not give it a second glance or thought. A little shop called, Baguette Paris. I have been going to this place for as long as I can remember. The store itself is not much to look...
  • Radish and goat cheese appetizer
    Easy radish and goat cheese appetizer
    Easy radish and goat cheese appetizer is perfect for a spring snack.Radishes begin being harvested in May in Vermont. Also, available at Hannafords, Price Chopper or Shaw's year round.Slice radishes thinly. Feel free to experiment with the...
  • Panini's
    Panini's in Long Beach
    There’s more to sandwiches than Subway or Quizno’s. Try Panini’s on Redondo and PCH. They have a huge variety of gourmet Panini’s: Prosciutto & Mozzarella, Chicken Pesto, Hummus Veggie & Goat Cheese, and the popular...
  • Crusty Baguette
    A crusty baguette is all this girl needs for happiness!
    Some form of bread has been around since antiquity. Populations survived on it when there was nothing else, and suffered without it during droughts. The price of grain even caused the ‘Flour War of 1775’ in France. This crusty, chewy,...
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