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  •  'Better Together' supporters celebrate the result of the Scottish referendum
    Scotland rejects independence but will get more autonomy
    The BBC reported on Friday that Scottish voters rejected a referendum to create an independent Scotland, thus keeping the over three hundred year union with England intact. Public policy analysts on both sides of the Atlantic breathed a sigh of...
  • Man sitting on conf table.
    How much responsibility should adult learners take for their learning?
    An important misunderstanding that many adult English language learners (ELLs) have is their responsibility as students in the classroom. In this regard, ELLs are not unlike traditional and nontraditional college students who are unrealistic about...
  • A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission
    Drones in the future may have autonomy to make lethal decisions
    It sounds like something straight out of the Sci-Fi genre, robots that have autonomy and can make "kill" decisions. However, drones receiving the capability to make lethal decisions might not ever come to fruition.It's said drones...
  • Miami-Dade County Border Sign
    What cityhood means for Miami-Dade County
    On November 6th, Miami-Dade voters approved a referendum lifting restrictions for unincorporated areas of the county to apply and receive cityhood. Now, several neighborhoods are once again trying to reach the status of autonomous cities. So far,...
  • Together through thick and thin
    Keep autonomy in first place while helping people
    Being with our friend and simplifying may seem to be opposites. We can become so overwhelmed with day-to-day living and getting through that simply adjusting to a new aspect is a hurdle to get over.Our friend wants help but not to feel as though...
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