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  • EX99 is coming to Atlanta internet radio
    EX99: Bringing alternative rock to Atlanta?
    On it's Facebook account, EX99 is saying that they are Atlanta's Lost Alternative "pop up" online radio station. On Thursday, 9/13/12 at 7am, you might feel like you are back in 1999 as you hear the voices of Barnes and Jimmy...
  • Obama accepts nomination on final day of DNC coverage
    DNC coverage is all around the Atlanta radio dials
    Just like last week's Thursday programming on WABE 90.1 FM during the Republic National Convention, the radio station will have special coverage of the Democratic National Convention. The coverage will begin at 8 p.m.The usual line-up on...
  • Thursday happenings on Atlanta radio: July  12
    Thursday happenings on Atlanta radio: July 12
    The Atlanta areas are finally getting some much-needed rain and the temperatures are pleasant. It's the perfect time to be out and about and Thursdays seems to be the day with happenings on Atlanta radio stations.On Thursdays this summer, join...
  • Beat the heat with Atlanta radio and stay cool
    Beat the heat with Atlanta radio and stay cool
    The heatwave is on all around the country with temperatures reaching 100 degrees and over. Stay inside and beat the heat with the many Atlanta radio stations. On KISS 104.1 FM, the Atlanta radio station is giving lucky callers the chance to win ...
  • A look ahead on Atlanta radio:  April 24-27
    A look ahead on Atlanta radio: April 24-27
    Join KISS 104.1's Art Terrell at the Chick's Fight Back Self-Defense Workshop on Wednesday, April 25 at 7 p.m. It's FREE and registration is room is limited. Check the KISS 104.1 FM website for more details. Listen to Art Terrell...
  • Atlanta radio spotlight: Majic 107.5
    Atlanta radio spotlight: Majic 107.5
    Majic 107.5 on the FM dial is Atlanta's best mix of R&B. The station has a super line-up of deejays and shows that air weekdays.Start the morning off with the popular Steve Harvey Morning Show from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. weekdays. Steve Harvey...
  • 31 days of March and the deejays let the music play
    31 days of March and the deejays let the music play
    The clouds are slowly moving out and making room for sunshine in Atlanta. The overnight rain which wasn't a lot, have lawns and gardens greening up nicely.Are you planning any 'play in the dirt' tasks today? If so, bring the boombox...
  • Atlanta scenic downtown
    Atlanta radio for the morning commute
    The weather forecast for the Atlanta area will be sunny and warm this week. Keep the sunglasses in the car for the morning commute in all directions. The commuters west of the city will contend with the "sunshine slow down." Don't...
  • Randy Miller Morning Show 1987
    In and out, Z-93's The Randy Miller Morning Show gone but never forgotten
    In late 1986, a little over one million Georgians called metro-Atlanta home. Unless you’re a native of the State, it’s almost mythical to imagine life here without the dense sprawl that defines us today. However, before accusing Jeremy...
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