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  • A collage master shows us how it's done
    A collage master shows us how it's done
    Collagists beware – Chris Corales is in town, and he's not taking any prisoners. Actually, he's back in Philadelphia by now, where he's married to a professional curator, but his work is still with us for the rest of April,...
  • Park Bench
    A showcase for fine assemblage
    With a pedigree only a century old, assemblage is a brash newcomer in the realm of fine art. Indeed, if you don't count graffiti (which has actually been around forever) assemblage is the youngest member of the artistic pantheon. Betsy Thomas...
  • Cynthia Jensen: Fallen Empire #1 and #2
    Beyond Fiber: Another Elegant Show for the Presidio
    Respect for materials. Close attention to finishes and surfaces. Consummate craftsmanship, with a spritzer of whimsy. If any work can epitomize the artistry on display in Fiber Dimensions' sixth show in San Francisco's Presidio, it might...
  • Edison Fish
    A Quick Pop-up in the City
    One of the best shows in San Francisco is only here for two days. Veteran gallerist Susan Alexander has put together a pop-up show in the Mission that opened last night and closes tonight, Sunday. Working with the theme “Fetish” &ndash...
  • Sleepy's Hollow
    Getting Past Kienholz' Rawer Stuff
    I recently recommended West Coast wild man Ed Kienholz to a friend who does collage and assemblage. She looked the man up, and was hit between the eyes with an image of Kienholz' “The Birthday.” It's a drab tableaux of a woman...
  • A corner of an assemblage studio
    The Studio as Art
    The headline show at the de Young in San Francisco right now, “ Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years,” is immeasurably enhanced by some photographs that Rose Mandel took of the painter in his studio during the 1950's. No tricks, no heavy...
  • Walls
    Drawings as Sculpture
    So we've got a hard-working guy, Andy Vogt, with a feeling for the subtleties found in building materials – specifically laths, in this case – and he's got a nice show at the Eli Ridgway Gallery in the City. Just around the...
  • “This is Not a (Rubber) Nude Descending a Staircase”
    Repetitious Art
    When did people start making art objects in which repetition played a large part? Perhaps long, long ago: I can't help thinking of those ancient Chinese terracotta warriors from 200 BCE. But widespread implementation of the idea – by...
  • Solder Wire
    The Artist on Election Day
    What's an artist to do at the culmination of election frenzy 2012? None of the major platforms mention enhanced grants for artists, or enforced access to prestigious galleries, or guaranteed access to the dumps for assemblage sculptors like...
  • "Good Old Days"
    Something Lost, Something Found: Funky Stuff at Arc Gallery
    What do you get when curator Matt McKinley stirs up thirteen of the Bay Area's freakiest found-art fanatics – people willing (if not eager) to stick disembodied doll's arms onto an hourglass, or hang slabs of sweat-stained gym floor...
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