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  • Professional Paving
    How to Become a Paving Contractor and Pave Your Driveway
    Do you pave your own driveway or do you hire a paving contractor? There is more to paving than piling on layers of black asphalt. It’s a science and methodology that requires knowledge of materials, materials handling and heavy equipment...
  • Scam alert
    Alert: gypsy scammers are back in town targeting asphalt work in central Texas
    Groups of “Gypsy Scammers” are targeting home and business owners of central and south Texas with a rip-off con involving asphalt pavement.A local resident, who wishes not to be identified, has notified this Examiner to report that an...
  • pothole
    Tired of potholes in Hawaii? File a claim.
    Hawai'i, are you tired of all those potholes? I know I am. Here are some answers to the potholes. What is asphalt? Asphalt is a dark and heavy mineral substance, mixed of hydrocarbons known as bitumens. Asphalt provides a strong chemical...
  • Ubisoft logo
    Gamescom: Ubisoft shows screenshots of three PlayStation Vita titles
    Ubisoft has released three screenshots, one of each from these three PlayStation Vita titles: Rayman Origins, Asphalt, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance.To see these screenshots, click the slideshow to the left of this article.If there are any updates,...
  • October 26th Surf
    Trick or treat
    It seemed the wind was tricking us, continually blowing the waves flat for weeks. Routinely, September and October are some of the best times to surf in Galveston. Surfing is likecandy for adults this time of year! In the fall, the water is still...
  • resized_IMG00125_20100726_1759.jpg
    A trip to the park
    As a designer I look at every day objects differently than most people. That misfit boulder would be a great garden feature or if they only practiced good pruning techniques that would be an amazing shrub. I spent the entire day at Canobie Lake...
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