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  • What Are Your Auto Responders? (2)
    What Are Your Auto Responders? (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks
    We have all probably received an “auto responder” which was sent to us automatically in reply to an email we sent. This tool is used, for example, to provide a confirmation email when you purchase tickets or merchandise from an online...
  • Do not argue with him
    Train the mind, do not argue with him
    You have just explained to the group what they will need for the next exercise for the next 15 minutes. You kindly ask Arthur if he could grab one of the green chairs and sit with his group. He has been challenging your authority since you began...
  • Repair Your Heart
    Advice for Couples Who Communicate Not Good
    The title to this article is a representation of the miscommunication that couples often experience, whether they have been together for some time or are relatively new to the scene. There are mitigating factors at play when two people get...
  • What To Do When Siblings or Friends Continually Bicker!
    What To Do When Siblings or Friends Continually Bicker!
    Those daily annoying minor squabbles can drive you crazy! But as crazy as it seems it’s really best to let most of it go. If you’ve already taught your child about sharing, turn taking, problem solving and cooperation when they were...
  • Chciago Debate League
    A new place for your know-it-all teen
    When you’re a kid, you know it all. There isn’t anything in the world your mom can tell you, because though you’ve only been on the planet 15 years - you’ve witnessed enough in your day to say you’re a freaking genius...
  • Sad and Confused
    Your loyalty belongs to your child, not your ex
    What happens in your relationship with your child when the separated parents cannot agree? Having to visit two different homes has to be difficult, if visitation is in place. Could you imagine taking a vacation every couple of weeks for the...
  • Couple Arguing
    I love the way we argue!
    Most people don't realize the truth about relationships. Simply put... relationships are a juggling act! After you toss the dating and the dining up in the air, expect the bickering and the bashing to come down after. Honestly, it is...
  • Teens argue at school
    Getting over a fight
    You just had the most wicked fight with your boyfriend last night and things weren’t exactly resolved. Some of you might not even remember what you were fighting about to begin with, but here are some tips that might clear the air and...
  • Shamrock Mug
    Fighting with your spouse - part II
    Yesterday we talked about how every couple fights. Or at the least, every couple has disagreements. Just because you disagree does not mean you have a bad marriage. However, fighting can be destructive to a marriage if you lash out at each other....
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