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  • Recap, AIABaltimore Happy Hour Tour at the historic Peale Museum in Baltimore
    Recap, AIABaltimore Happy Hour Tour at the historic Peale Museum in Baltimore
    On Thursday the 22th of May in 2014, AIABaltimore hosted an exclusive get-together for their ongoing series of Firm Happy Hours at the historic Peale Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. It was the biggest architectural community tour gathering in...
  • Book Corner
    Ward Off Your Stress by Adding These Objects Suggested by Interior Designer!
    Daily stress and routine don't permit you to go for outings all the time. How about unwinding oneself at home? Consult a professional interior designer for adding artefacts that will make your home stress free.“Home is where the heart is...
  • Architectural Design
    Design - Build Remodeling, The Blueprint for Success
    In order to survive in the down economy, home remodeling firms have had to work harder, smarter and operate more professionally. The blueprint for success that not all home improvement firms offer is the design – build package where...
  • Chicago Board of Trade Building
    Open House Chicago 2013
    This weekend is one of Chicago’s best free events, Open House Chicago. 150 buildings that are normally closed to the public will be open and free for anyone who wants to get a behind-the-scenes look. Chicago is the country’s premier...
  • Design, Build, Remodel
    5 Reasons You Need An Architect For Your Home Improvement Project
    As housing prices continue to rise, homeowners opt to renovate current homes instead of buying new. During this process you talk with several contractors to choose the right one for the project—but how many of those contractors work closely...
  • Universal Design and Aging In Place
    Universal Design and Aging In Place
    A new trend in home remodeling is universal design or aging in place. Universal design can be as simple as building ramps at main entrances in your home for easier access, or as major as kitchens and bathrooms designed for wheelchairs.What makes a...
  • Arbor
    Architectural salvage: When old is new again
    Do you find yourself standing back to appreciate straight-grain Douglas Fir, the rustic, pitted finish of old barnwood walls, or fascinatingly carved exterior and interior doors, all standing the test of time? Do you immediately have a new purpose...
  • Architectural Salvage wooden window frames
    Wedding plans start to take hold and won't let go
    Wedding planning at 263 is well underway. And, Warren and I have been very busy these past few weekends arranging meetings, pinning new ideas online, budgeting costs, accommodating families, and keeping to our creative vision.With our roots in...
  • New Orleans Shotgun Lifestyle
    New Orleans Shotgun Lifestyle
    For those living in New Orleans, the appearance of shotgun homes are both whimsical and classic. We're accustomed to seeing the exterior as humble. Yet, upon entering one is usually taken aback by the ceiling height and beautiful architectural...
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