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  • Viking 'ring fortress' with four gates and four equal quandrants
    New Viking 'ring fortress' unearthed, may change the history books
    A new Viking ‘ring fortress’ has been discovered, the first to be found in over 60 years, reported The Telegraph, Sept. 6. This is the fifth such site found and historians believe that this one and others may have been built by Sweyn...
  • Mammoth
    8-year-old learns about the legislative process and why it doesn't work
    An 8-year-old girl from South Carolina has dreams of being an Egyptologist when she grows up. With an interest in historical and archaeological record, she wrote up a proposal to make the Columbian Mammoth the official state fossil of her home...
  • Vikings Uncovered
    Vikings Uncovered
    The findings of Pat Sutherland's "Helluland" research on Baffin Island has recently come to my attention. A story first broke in 2008 or 2009 in Canadian Geographic that a research team led by Pat Sutherland had discovered a second...
  • Crucifiction cross casket
    True cross found?
    In Sinop, Turkey, during August 2013, archeologist discovered a small box while excavating a 7th century church.The box contained an unusual object, a piece of wood. Some believe this wood may be from the cross on which Jesus was crucified...
  • The Dinosaur era
    Part III--Is Religion Logical
    Part III—Is religion logical These multi-part series on the logic of religion are hoped to incite in the souls of men and women, of any belief system, to reconsider what is true, beautiful and good about their religion versus what is simply...
  • Tel Megiddo
    Jewelry found in Israel called 'among most valuable from Biblical period'
    The recent discovery of ancient jewelry found by archaeologists near the once bustling seaport city of Megiddo, has the antiquities world all abuzz. Dating from about 1100 B.C., the ring, beads and earrings hidden in a ceramic jar for nearly 3,000...
  • Boston University-led expedition reveals oldest Mayan calendar
    Science news: Mayan excavation uncovers new calendar that debunks 2012 myth
    Recent findings at a Mayan excavation in Xultun, Guatemala reveal new evidence of astronomical calendars that refute the popular idea that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012.The report, Ancient Maya Astronomical Tables from Xultun,...
  • Underground Jerusalem tourism
    Tunnel tourism and politics beneath Jerusalem
    In the near future there will be there will be well over 2 kilometers of pathways beneath Jerusalem city streets. Visitors will be able to exchange Jerusalem’s heat and noisy above ground atmosphere for historical excursions in cool well-lit...
  • Map of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem Wall proves Bible historically accurate
    The bible tells us Jerusalem was the seat of government during the reign of King David and his son King Solomon. Critics oppose the biblical version of history and contend that in the time of David the city of Jerusalem was not large enough and...
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