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  • Gateway Arch
    Facts about the St. Louis Gateway Arch
    When it comes to learning, sometimes the most obvious lessons are right in the heart of the city at popular tourist attractions. In St. Louis, the most well-known monument museum would be the Gateway Arch. Following are some five facts about the...
  • The Gateway
    The Gateway
    St. Louis, Missouri, is worth a detour. Whether it is thirty minutes or two hours or six hours out of the way, go to St. Louis and visit the Gateway Arch! It is an engineering feat of its time not just for its incredible architectural stability,...
  • Miesha Tate and her sister, Felicia Martin
    Miesha Tate hates when women have eyebrows 'shaped like mountain peaks'
    According to a May 12 tweet from Miesha Tate, the UFC bantamweight star has mastered the art of eyebrow plucking, and she isn't afraid to call out ladies who lose control of their arches."I personally hate it when girls eyebrows look like...
  • Horse stance
    Tai chi teaches us to open like an arch
    Arches are fine examples of manmade and natural architecture that display elegance but at the same time great strength and expansiveness. Picture some of the arches you have seen in person or in photographs; the ancient arches of Rome and The Arc...
  • Arch View
    Looking Down On St. Louis
    If you’ve never been inside the top of the Arch it’s something you should do at least once because to look down and see the city from that viewpoint is pretty cool. To look at our town from an airplane is pretty cool as well, but you...
  • Floral gazebo decor
    Arch, gazebo and chuppah décor
    The décor used for these three ceremony pieces are pretty much interchangeable. The types of floral pieces, fabrics and design elements work equally well on all three. The only thing that dictates what goes where is what you want as well as what...
  • Rainbow Arch
    Hiking to Colorado's Rattlesnake Canyon Arches
    Ready for something different in Colorado? Then you've got to visit Rattlesnake Arches near Grand Junction. The bad news? You'll need a 4-wheel drive vehicle with good clearance to do the short version of the hike. (Directions below) The...
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