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  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian’s doctors are ordering her to take it easy as birth is near
    Kim Kardashian hasn’t had the easiest pregnancy in comparison to her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. When Kourtney was pregnant with both children, she didn’t really have any side effects at all and she was even able to just pull out the...
  • What to say
    It is what you say and how you say it – part 3, what you say
    Conversations fill your day, from the news, ordering your morning coffee at Starbucks, to speaking with friends and family. You should be pretty good at conversations by now, but when you really think about it, most of us hardly ever have to...
  • Voice
    It is what you say and how you say it – part 2, voice
    An Israeli company, eXaudios has developed a computer program, Magnify, which analyzes the human voice to identify a person's emotional state in order to assist customer service representatives.“Magnify works by teasing apart a person...
  • Body Language
    It is what you say and how you say it - part 1, body language
    Within moments of meeting someone, everything about you has been evaluated, summarized and labeled. Similar to the fight-or-flight response, this reaction is an instinctual, mental safety mechanism, the first impression.“Just three seconds...
  • Approach Anxiety
    Approach anxiety: Dealing with social phobia
    Just like it’s useless to own a jet if you are afraid to fly, a boat if you’re afraid to sail, or a car if you’re afraid to drive, all the knowledge in the world on how to meet new people isn’t useful if you’re afraid...