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  • San Fransisco Approach
    How the Asiana aproach to San Fransisco should have looked
    In light of the recent landing accident in San Francisco here is an amazing video clearly showing an excellent approach. The aircraft is an airbus not a Boeing but the instrumentation and process is identical. For anyone that is a not a pilot this...
  • French Quarters
    Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy
    Few would argue for a single-focus approach to educating youth; a balanced education is preferred. The challenge, however, is in finding the balance between Reading Literacy and other curricula areas, and negotiating the complex conflicted view of...
  • Dear CW
    Dear CW: How do I approach him?
    Dear CW:So you know I'm not an approach em kinda gal. But there's someone I'm interested in. We're Facebook friends. Is it stalker ish to send a msg?- First Time ApproacherDear First Time Approacher:Go for it! Apparently Facebook...
  • Are You Accountable For Your Team’s Mindset?
    Are You Accountable For Your Team’s Mindset?
    I love college football. While watching some of the games this past weekend I was struck by one of the comments from a coach following his team’s poor showing during the game. He said “I’m disappointed in myself and how we came...
  • Turn back now!!!
    Flirting fails (based on true stories)
    No Bunny For You Tony had been flirting with this girl at a high end clothing store for about a month now. He felt it was his time to really pull out the good material and make her want to go out on a date with him. Besides, she had already seen...
  • don't be THIS GUY
    10 flirting don'ts
    1. Don't flirt with people in a relationship - even if it is a long time friend whom you have always flirted with, you need to respect your friendship and their relationship by not flirting with them. You can be friendly but don't cross...
  • Flirting with ice cream is always fun
    Speak volumes through body language
    We have all heard it said over and over again, touching someone on the arm gives a signal that you are interested in them. Sure touching someone says “I am interested” but how do you get to that point to touch them? Your body language...
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