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  • Welcome!
    Garden Dreams: Pricking the Consciousness of Kiddos
    The favorite time of the year for the kids to visit Garden Dreams, in Wilkinsburg, is raspberry picking time. And Farmer Bob is hoping that the raspberries aren’t the only things ripe for the picking. Farmer Bob is hoping for that teachable...
  • RIP Brooklyn Grange bees
    Brooklyn Grange bids farewell to some of New York's finest honey harvesters
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is difficult to report on anything but the most important things – which are the health, safety, and recovery of all of those affected by this devastating storm. New York City is still paralyzed in...
  • Victory Honey
    Local apiarist produces award-winning honey, encourages peaceful coexistence
    A euphoric sensation washes over me as I stand among the honeybees. Softly buzzing, they go about their business, gently dancing, working. I feel a soothing calm as John and Tim slowly dismantle the hive, their amiable intentions apparent as they...
  • Bonac Bee on a Prickly Pear flower.
    National Honeybee Day is Saturday. Bee happy and celebrate
    Honeybees have been around for about 22 million years. Although they have been "kept" by beekeepers for at least 4,500 years, and were first brought to the Americas in 1620, the first National Honey Bee Day was held just three years ago...
  • Founding Farmer's offers local honey on their menu.
    The buzz on local honey at Founding Farmers in DC
    Founding Farmers, known for their commitment to sourcing ingredients from local farmers, is reaping the benefits of their honey-making efforts on their menu and offering a contest for those that spot the bees.In 2011, they partnered with George...
  • Burgh Bees
    Pittsburgh Area Organizations: Burgh Bees
    With the towering buildings of a city skyline in the distance honey bees fly around and perform their tasks with plants located in apartment gardens, parks and wealthy as well as poor city neighborhoods. When ready they return to their hives which...
  • Governor Bev Perdue tries her hand at Apiculture.
    Three cheers for our frugal governor, Bev Perdue!
    Today I received this email (see below) from the Office of Governor Beverly Perdue and was very impressed and pleased to learn that not only does our governor grow and eat her own fruits and vegetables, but she has her own apiary for pollinating...
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