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  • SF IEEE CS Chapter Sponsors Data Science Panel at DataWeek + API:World
    Data Science Discussion at DataWeek + API World 2015
    I hope members of my audience and LinkedIn groups and network took advantage of the FREE Expo Pass to DataWeek + API:World 2015 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco this week!The San Francisco Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society is...
  • DataWeek + API World 2015 Hackathon
    Update on DataWeek +API Week Hackathon !! (This Saturday & Sunday!)
    Hello Data + API Hackathoners!DataWeek + API World 2014 Hackathon starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:00 am!Start planning now to make the most of your Hackathon experience.Saturday Sept 13 + Sunday Sept 14VENUEImpact HUB901 Mission Street, Suite...
  • DataWeek + API World 2015 Hackathon
    DataWeek + API World 2014 Hackathon is Saturday at 10:00 AM
    FREEParticipating Developer / Designer PassSaturday, September 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 6:00 PM (PDT)The Hub SF901 Mission St #105San Francisco, CA 94103RSVP via Eventbrite:
  • Klappo CEO Max Del Vita
    Klappo launches API to make health app development digestible
    There's a market for health and wellness apps, but when it comes to connecting the apps to a variety of disparate systems, APIs are required to handle the load. Klappo is poised to help UK developers seize a chunk of the 500 million-user...
  • Escaping from the cage
    Twitter #FAIL Requires Mobile Phone Number for Read/Write API Access
    The completely out of touch developers and product managers at Twitter are at it again trying to create some way to secure Twitter accounts from automated tools sending out messages or following accounts -- it's part of a bigger problem they&...
  • Infant being massaged
    Attachment parenting: not guilt, but conviction and intuition
    The article by Kate Pickert Are you mom enough in Time magazine drew controversy and stirred up debate about attachment parenting (AP), perhaps intensified "mommy wars". Whereas the author researched and summarized the history of the AP...
  • The Spirit of St. Louis
    Fantasy of Flight gets spooky in October with the Haunted Hangar Tour and more
    When looking for a spooky experience, one doesn't need to look far. Right here in central Florida, Fantasy of Flight has a fright fest of its own. Have you ever wondered what happened to Lindbergh's spectral companions? Did you know that...
  • California STAR testing begins soon!
    California STAR testing simplified
    The annual California state achievement testing in Mt. Diablo Unified School District will occur between April 11, 2011 and May 16, 2011. The state mandates that this testing is to occur within a 21 day window that is established from the date...
  • California STAR testing begins soon!
    California STAR testing simplified part 2
    In the first article on this topic, it was explained that the upcoming STAR testing is occurring in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District between April 11, 2011 and May 16, 2011. There are many different dimensions to this assessment.The CST...
  • APIs speak out against violence
    APIs speak out against violence
    Los Angeles-based Pan Asian Community Together (PACT) along with Asian Pacific Islander American actors Randall Park, Jae Suh, Tzi Ma, Sue Jin, Elizabeth Sung, Megan Lee, Joseph Yuan, Edward Hong, Nebula Gu have produced a new PSA speaking out...
  • An Italian Startup Calls Itself "The Ebay of the APIs"
    An Italian Startup Calls Itself "The Ebay of the APIs"
    "We are the Ebay of the APIs," is the marketing slogan of Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Mashape, a tech company currently located at San Francisco's Pier 38, one of those archetypical start-up incubators, where lots of...
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