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antioxidant Articles - Page 2

Kombucha king (part 2)

August 31, 2013
Here to continue the saga of kombucha-loving is an article detailing more liver-joy and antioxidant groovyness. Yes, that may not really be a word, but that’s ok. The author finds it rather drab to stay within...

Certain fruits found to lower diabetes risk

August 31, 2013
Blood sugar problems like diabetes have been associated with the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in refined sugar, fat, and animal products while being low in fiber. Those that decide to opt for healthier eating may succumb to...

Little known facts about coffee

July 2, 2013
Here are some little known facts about coffee. Over 75 percent of us drink three cups of coffee a day. There isn’t any evidence proving that too much coffee consumption is good or bad for us...

Unique benefits and flavor from this edible berry

June 23, 2013
Distinctive benefits from an exotic berry known as the ‘longevity fruit’. One of our most popular fruits today, kiwi was used in Chinese traditional medicine as a preventive agent against cancer. Actinidia deliciosa and A.chinensis are...

Acai berry benefits and side effects

September 28, 2012
Many wonder if the benefits of the acai berry are real, or if it is all hype when it comes to this herbal remedy. Acai berries are a dark-purple fruit harvested from the acai palm tree, found in the...

A nano-sized package has the power to battle brain damage

August 30, 2012
A nanoparticle with superior antioxidant properties has potential to prevent brain damage from worsening after traumatic brain injury (TBI).Researchers from Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine, and the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center have used tiny non...