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  • RCA ANT1150F Ultra Thin Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna
    Free TV With RCA's ANT1150F Ultra Thin Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna
    Everybody raved when cable TV first came along and made it possible to get a decent picture form the broadcast networks — living in the densest of a New York skyscraper back in the day, I could remember how an antenna couldn’t do a...
  • Free TV from a twenty dollar antenna
    Free TV from a twenty dollar antenna
    As mentioned last month, there’s a handful of alternatives to cable or satellite television, with one of them being an HDTV antenna. Modern devices like the HDTV Indoor/Outdoor Antenna (#7976) from Monoprice tend to be small, and when...
  • Rooftop TV Antenna
    The prospects for free broadcast TV
    That National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is challenging a recent report on TV antenna usage released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The flap raises core questions about the continued viability and survival of free-over-the...
  • Bucket in the sand
    Create a career bucket list as you head toward retirement
    People often make a bucket list for their lives; a veritable listing of things to accomplish before death. So why not make a bucket list of things to accomplish in our careers before retirement?We make lists for everything these days: groceries,...
  • Bees antenna sense many different things.
    Honeybees use antennas for different reasons
    Research has shown that bees use their two antennas for different reasons. Until recently, that is all scientists knew, but modern research is starting to show the different uses of each antenna. It has been proven that the right antenna of a...
  • Indoor Outdoor antenna
    Pro Brand shows off indoor/outdoor 4G LTE antenna at CES
    At CES, Verizon Wireless and Pro Brand International, Inc. announced a sleek and simple-to-install indoor/outdoor 4G LTE flat antenna for the home or small office to maximize Verizon's 4G LTE service.Pro Brand is headquarted in Marietta and...
  • Soldiers Delight
    Soldiers Delight – Part III: insects and crustaceans in the stream
    Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area is a nature reserve in west Baltimore County, which I introduced in an article on December 8. (Click the link below to read the entire article). In Part II of this series, we took a look at Water...
  • iPhone4_0_1.jpg
    Apple releases iOS 4.0.1 with "signal level display fix"
    Apple has scheduled an iPhone 4 press conference for Friday morning, so what better day to release iOS 4.0.1, which reportedly fixes the signal bars display on the iPhone, ensuring you know exactly when the "death grip" will cause you to...
  • LettermaniPhone4.jpg
    Letterman kicks Apple while it's down: Top Ten Signs You've Purchased a bad iPhone
    You know things are really bad when David Letterman takes time out to skewer you with his Top Ten 10 (either that, or things have become really good). In this case, things are really bad, as David Letterman's Top Ten List on Wednesday was the ...
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