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  • Pink Flamingo Awards
    'Pink Flamingo' winners to be announced Sept. 23
    Voting is currently underway for the finalists in the 2nd Annual Pink Flamingo Awards. The winners will be announced at a high-spirited reception on Tuesday, Sept. 23 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.The event, which will feature stand-up...
  • 'Antz' is awesome
    'Antz' is awesome
    Yesterday, this column reviewed “A Bug’s Life.” This movie was the second computer-animated film about ants released in the fall of 1998. The first was “Antz.” So why was 1998 a good year for ants? A feud between...
  • Ants are people, too
    Ants are people, too
    People usually think of ants as a nuisance, but they really aren’t that different from us. Listed below are a few of the behaviors we share.Ants are gardeners. Leaf Cutter ants clip plant parts, which they then use to grow fungus in fungus...
  • The Ant and the Contact Lens
    A true story: 'The Ant and the Contact Lens' (Photos)
    Here is a true story that was submitted to this writer. She takes no claim for having written it. The original author is unknown. It is such a good story that is should be shared.The Ant and the Contact LensBrenda was almost halfway to the top of...
  • Ant Lane
    Ants emerge to check golf courses in Chicago
    In spring, summer, autumn and winter, ants will emerge to determine the condition of Chicago’s golf courses. (However, you will not see them when snow is on the ground.) This spring, on every Chicago-land golf course, whether it is a Chicago...
  • Adetomyrma venatrix
    Adetomyrma venatrix, the Dracula Ant
    For your average ant, work is grueling no matter what species you belong to. All working towards the common good and hoping the colonies lineage will be passed on, even if it takes the sacrifice of a few workers. But there is one species where...