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  • Cheryl Burke talks not being anorexic, weight loss
    Cheryl Burke: 'DWTS' star says she's not starving herself, talks big weight loss
    Cheryl Burke, the popular “Dancing With the Stars” pro, has gained some intense media scrutiny this week with her big 15 pound weight loss. The talented dancer looks great and recently showed off her new bikini body in a featured ...
  • Anorexic Doll
    Anorexic doll? Toy company under fire for doll that refuses food
    An “anorexic doll” that is being marketed in the UK is drawing sharp condemnation from critics who say the doll, produced by the Spanish company Famosa, is promoting unhealthy eating habits in young children.Dubbed by opponents as ...
  • Anorexic Girl with Distorted Body Image
    Anorexia nervosa: Eating disorder
    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. It is characterized as a fear of gaining weight. Those with the disorder are called anorexic and live an unhealthy lifestyle.Anorexic people limit their food intake and become dangerously thin. It may begin...
  • The "Breaking Amish" Cast
    ‘Breaking Amish:’ Sabrina was anorexic
    Another bombshell was let go during the first part of the “Breaking Amish” reunion show, which aired on Nov. 11. Sabrina admitted that she was anorexic. After gaining a lot weight and being mocked by people, she developed the eating...
  • Tips on how you can help an anorexic child. Plus coping methods (Video)
    Tips on how you can help an anorexic child. Plus coping methods (Video)
    Anorexia is a scourge for a lot of women, especially more youthful women, and it is a heart-wrenching experience for many mothers and fathers. There are so many instances of it, that it is safe to state you are possibly not far removed from an...