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A Vampire Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden

November 22, 2013
**Book received via Netgalley**Synopsis--This holiday season has bite.Ben Prescott hates Christmas--he's a vampire, and to him, there's certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. While the humans are running around being...

The 'devil' in the details

October 15, 2013
Our culture is riddled with expressions like “The devil made me do it,” and “We create our own demons,” or, “You are your own worst enemy.” Every one of these statements reveals an underlying...

Pomeranian service dog attacked and killed

August 28, 2013
In a story out of Aspen, Colorado, a 27-year-old woman lost her small service dog over a week ago. The small 5-pound Pomeranian was viciously savaged and killed by three dogs when their handler lost control. The...

‘Angel Priest’ prays for victim of car crash

August 18, 2013
For several days this month folks in New London, Missouri wondered if they had a case of a mystery angel priest on their hands. An unknown person showed up at the site of an automobile crash on August 8, 2013...

Mother of nine fights for her life

May 1, 2013
Through a press release, Rosie Animal Adoption informs of another case of animal abuse and neglect in the province of Quebec. A seven year old Lab/Shepherd mix came into the care of the Montreal non-profit dog rescue organization...

Justin Bieber got an angelic Selena Gomez tattoo

April 24, 2013
Justin Bieber celebrated his reunion with Selena Gomez in a big way -- he had his girlfriend turned into an angel and inked on his arm. According to an April 24 report by Perez Hilton, the Biebs recently debuted a...