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  • Android
    Why our robot overlords will be female: study shows people prefer feminine AI
    Apple’s iPhone assistant Siri, and the bell sound that announces her presence, has in many ways become the face, or voice, of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern day. Despite the automaton clunky quality of her speech, Siri’s...
  • Almost Human's intriguing first season
    Almost Human's inconsistent but intriguing debut season
    The season finale of Almost Human wasn’t quite its most exciting nor did it lend to any cliffhangers, but unanswered questions from the inaugural season leave me wondering and anticipating more from the all too human Kennex and his non-human...
  • Cub02
    Who wouldn’t want there own personal robot who can translate any language when they travel, like C3PO or one that acts and looks more human like Data? I’m sure all the Star Wars and Star Trek fans would love to take one home. You can...
  • Robots in speculative fiction
    Classic creatures of SF: Robots and androids
    Each article in this "Classic Creatures" series will define the classic creature, give you examples of it and provide resources and information about it righ here in Long Beach. What are robots and androids? This, my dear reader, is one...
  • Robot from Metropolis
    SF subgenres: What are robots and androids in science fiction?
    As speculative fiction has grown and evolved, the original sub-genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror have fractured into even more sub-genres. In this series of "SF subgenres," I'll not only identify and define these sub...