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  • Simone Schmidt is Fiver
    Fiver Fiver Fiver!!! Music of the sublime
    “Formed in 2012 as a medium for Simone Schmidt (One Hundred Dollars, The Highest Order) to write, record and produce original material unencumbered by outside aesthetic or group ideology, Fiver is dynamic, sometimes personal, and undoubtedly...
  • Analog versus IP/megapixel
    Analog versus IP/Megapixel for security camera systems
    Security camera systems have been around for some time now, though for the most part they have been analog based systems; with the advent of networking and technology advancements however IP cameras are steadily finding better footing within the...
  • Analog TV goes bye-bye
    Comcast Limited Basic and changes
    Comcast in Knoxville announced on March 10 that they will stop carrying analog channels in favor of digital only, so all customers must acquire digital boxes from Comcast or lose service. Those customers who already have a Comcast "cable box...
  • Jim Williams
    Silicon Valley Roots & Shoots: An Analog Life
    Most modern computers are digital. But they function in our real-world of continuously varying analog signals generated by such familiar phenomena as heat, light, and sound. These analog signals must be translated into “1s” and &ldquo...
  • Timepieces
    Time, timepieces, and why I prefer digital time
    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.-Albert EinsteinTimeis a human invention. Without mankind, there is no need for time – the heavens and the earth have their rhythms, as do all the creatures on earth...
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