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  • Careful back there!
    Let bleach ban bacteria … and more: #4
    This is the fourth in a series of articles about using bleach and other common household chemicals as safe, superior cleaning products.Due to ongoing concerns regarding children, pets and chemicals, this list about the use of bleach may create a...
  • Clorox Bleach
    Let bleach ban bacteria … and more: #1
    As we approach the time for fall and/or holiday cleaning, there are several things which should be taken into consideration – the cost, effectiveness and safety of the product you choose for this task.Fortunately, you likely have some of the...
  • International Space Station
    Space walking astronauts fix ammonia coolant leak on International Space Station
    A May 11, 2013 story in Space reports that Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy, two flight engineers on board the International Space Station, ventured forth on a space walk and replaced a pump that was thought to be the source of an...
  • Link
    Horrible discovery in Pen Argyl apartment. (disturbing pictures)
    Local animal advocates were witness to a dreadful site this evening, 4.18.2013.Upon entering a home in Pen Argyl, PA, the group was met with the overwhelming smell of feces, urine, and ammonia. Inside, there were no people. What they found among...
  • Deadly explosion at Texas Fertilizer plant
    Deadly explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant
    A massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Company in West Texas killedat leastfive peopleand injured more than 160 prompting a major evacuation in a community of 2,600.The United States Geological Survey recorded the explosion as a 2.1-magnitude...
  • Kitty escapes ammonia attack
    Kitten litter soaked with ammonia, one dies and two women booked in Philadelphia
    Two women arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday in the Mill Creek section of West Philadelphia, says Officials from the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.The two neighbors who live in the 4800 block of...
  • Pink slime ground meat plants shuttered
    Pink slime ground meat plants shuttered
    Most Angelenos may not be aware that a meat filler, termed “pink slime” has been on supermarket shelves for two decades. The unflattering term is applied to an additive, which has been termed by a much more appealing term by the meat...
  • Haircolor
    Haircolor 101
    Look around and count how many people have a full head of natural hair.Whether it's highlights or all over color, most people are sporting something other than what they were born with.No one ishappy with what they have, and with so many...
  • Three asteroids
    Ammonia-laden asteroids: latest attempt to revive old theory
    A new paper describing an abundance of ammonia in an Antarctic meteorite has sparked a new attempt to revive an old suggested mechanism of abiogenesis. But what the authors really have is further evidence that the asteroids came from earth.The...
  • Asteroid en:951 Gaspra.
    Ammonia containing asteroids sparked life on Earth
    Researchers at Arizona Sate University and the University of California, Santa Cruz, conducted an analysis of the CR2 Grave Nunataks (GRA) 95229 meteorite and determined that it has sufficient ammonia (NH4) to have sparked the development of amino...
  • Will Ammonia be the transportation fuel of the future?
    Will Ammonia be the transportation fuel of the future?
    The recent introduction of electric cars from many automakers at Vancouver's EV-2010 Conference and the BC governments support of the hydrogen highway give the impression these are the only new green transportation technologies being developed...
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