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  • Paul Rhoads
    2012 Preview: Iowa State Cyclones w/coach Paul Rhoads
    I’m talking to college football coaches around the country on the “News Sentinel Sports Page” on “The Sports Animal” WNML in Knoxville. Download the WNML Smartphone App to listen to our weekday 10am-12pm ET show. I...
  • Raikou EX
    New cards for the Pokemon Battle Roads competition
    Every series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has its "hype" cards. For Next Destinies it was without argument Mewtwo EX. As a staple in the top tier decksof CMT and Zeels, Mewtwo EX has proven it's here to stay for awhile. The new...
  • Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden
    Mother's Day in Des Moines
    I’ve got a great list of Mother’s Day gifts and things to do for you to prepare and plan over the next couple weeks. Take some time to research your options while there are still some days left.A rather simple craft is making a child...
  • Clearly
    Central Iowa events: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4
    ­­Looking at the week ahead, central Iowans have a nice variety of free events to attend for a date or for a family outing. In chronological order, my picks for the weekend include these five free events.Fri., Dec. 2 from 7-10 pm andSat.,...
  • Red GOP Elephant
    The wagons are circling in Ames Iowa for third 2012 Presidential Debate
    Atlanta has a candidate in this race for the top spot come 2012 in one Herman Cain.But he will have his work cut out for him facing the other candidates there at the debate - minus a few that are hanging back to see how the first team does.There...
  • The Bachelorette
    Bachelorette Recap: The hometown dates with the bore four
    There are certain moments in a dating relationship that one never forgets: The first kiss; The first morning; The first time a creepy guy sings you a guitar solo whilst wearing a hair net; When you realize his parents are taxidermists or the time...
  • Ames
    Bachelorette Recap: Ashley says, “Phuket, let’s go to Thailand”
    Normally, making The Bachelorette into a drinking game adds an element of fun, not danger. You drink every time Chris Harrison makes an appearance, earning himself $50,000. You drink every time someone utters the word, “Journey.” You...
  • Ames gets a rose from Bachelorette Ashley Hebert
    Bachelorette recap: No Thighland in Thailand
    On episode 4 of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert and 12 men went to Thailand on the first round of international dates; this week, everyone got the chance to go on a date with Ashley, either a group date (10 guys) or a solo date (2 men).First off,...
  • The NASA Exploration Center
    The NASA Exploration Center in Mountain View is a space odyssey
    December 14, 1972.If you were born after this date, you’ve never known a time when humans stood on the moon.But regardless of your age, there is still a way to make a connection with the U.S. space program, and it’s right off Highway...
  • Valley High School celebrates after posting their 6th consecutive State Soccer Championship
    Valley High School wins fifth state championship in girls soccer
    What's been going in Des Moines for High School Sports? Here's a look with the first Metro Sports Roundup. Girl's State Soccer The Lady Tigers from Valley High School in West Des Moines have punched their fifth Class 2A State Soccer...
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