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For a Memorable Memorial Day

May 24, 2014
Gettysburg is a great place to get into the patriotic spirit, and Memorial Day Weekend is as great a time as any to be patriotic and prepared for summertime. So come on out to the borough of Gettysburg, this weekend...

The Crooked Duck: The American diner still lives

May 9, 2014
The weekend is just a fingertip's brush away and the sun shines brightly on a cool, breezy Friday. The anticipation is killer and in your mind, a happy tune slightly lingers around long enough to transport its melody...

Newly sprung spring visits to Old Bedford Village

March 22, 2014
Spring has sprung, and for many families that means it’s time to get back to fun. Are you a resident living in or around Gettysburg who seeking a wonderful daytrip option to take over the weekend? Consider a...

High Voltage

March 17, 2014
The unique thing was, we got there by accident. Of course, as any self-respecting foodie in the DC area, we meant to visit the Volt, Brian Voltaggio's (of the Top chef fame) Frederick restaurant, for several years...