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Dastardly Republicans won’t help Obama destroy America

July 31, 2014
Political pundits say it is ironic that Obama is saying Republicans will not join him in reshaping America, but would rather fight him. In a campaign stop yesterday, Obama told an excited Democrat crowd that Republicans would rather threaten...

Is Barack Obama doing the devil's work?

July 30, 2014
America may not be perfect, but it is still the best damn nation in the world.Why then does our President, Barack Obama, work so hard to destroy it?Right off the bat, this whole idea could be construed as...

Where to find free printable America coloring pages

July 30, 2014
Whether your kids are looking for free printable America coloring pages for a fun activity to do or need the America coloring pages for a required school project, there is a substantial amount of coloring sheets offered on the websites...

America. Dinesh D'Sousa

July 8, 2014
Author, filmmaker and social commentator Dinesh D’Souza produced a fascinating and compelling film when he produced “2016: Obama’s America.” Now he has done it again with his latest release “America.&rdquo...

American Jesus movie

July 7, 2014
American Jesus is an intelligent film. It does not judge. It is balanced in its approach to some basic questions. It shows many sides to a very large and ill-defined subject. It attempts to understand in a comprehensive way...