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  • Rules for using 'altar' and 'alter'
    The correct way to use 'altar' and 'alter'
    Nine out of ten people use "altar" and "alter" wrong in their writings. The two words are homonyms which means they sound the same when speaking. However, they have different meanings, according to a grammar site. Even so, a...
  • How to alter a recipe
    How to alter a recipe
    Tell me if you’ve ever done this. You see a recipe for some dish, and it looks amazing. You plan to add it to your recipe folder, and as you gaze at the delicious-looking food in the photo, you’re already thinking about making it for...
  • Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici
    ‘Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe’s vows brings him to tears at the alter
    “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe got married last night on national television, as he and Catherine Giudici exchanged their vows. If that wasn’t enough, the ceremony was attended by many former “Bachelor” and &ldquo...
  • Do you have an alter in your home all the time?
    Do you have an alter in your home all the time?
    Just like everything else in Paganism, each Pagan path and each Pagan in that path will do this differently. Some have alters in their homes at all times, some have shrines to specific deities or aspects of the God and Goddess and some have all of...
  • Full Moon Water
    Full Moon Water Basics
    Our recent full moon sparked several questions from several people that I know that are new to Paganism. One of which was reading in a book about fully moon rituals and found herself lost when she read about “full moon water” as this...
  • Sunset
    Getting Saved
    How do I get Saved? First off when one say’s, “Saved”, they mean accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. This is an important subject because it is the first step on the road to Eternity in Heaven. But sometimes it...
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