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  • Which smartphone apps are best birth control pill reminders?
    Which smartphone apps are best birth control pill reminders?
    Many of us rely on smartphones to remind us of appointments and events. A problem with oral contraceptives is that they don’t work if they are not taken. Apps are available to jog a woman’s memory to take her daily pill. However, some...
  • A NOAA emergency radio has many advantages
    A NOAA emergency radio has many advantages
    Alerts from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio have many advantages compared to alerts from a regular radio, a television set, and email alerts on an iPhone. This article will discuss these advantages and describe...
  • Capitol lockdown
    Capitol lockdown puts Twitter Alerts to the test
    One of Twitter’s newest features was put to good use just a week after its launch.After gunshots were fired near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday and the Capitol was placed under lockdown, the Senate Sergeant at Arms (@SenateSAA) sent out...
  • Google Alerts
    Harness the Power of Google Alerts!
    Google Alerts enable you to see what people are saying about you and/or your company online. Although all feedback may not be positive, Google Alerts allows you to respond to any negative feedback that you get on review sites immediately so you...
  • Dog Food
    Dog food and treat recalls require owners to be alert
    Pet nutrition has come a long way from the days when dogs were fed mostly table scraps and the occasional bone. The American Pet Products association estimates that Americans will spend more than $21 million on pet food in 2013.Unfortunately the...
  • Keep abreast of information across technology platforms
    Stay safe and in-the-know with Nixle
    In the days before the Internet, “emergency junkies” could be found at home with their ears glued to police scanners. Today, with 24/7 news access and the Internet, even if you aren’t inclined to seek information about...
  • Recalls Plus App
    Recalls Plus - A recall App
    In the wake of the recent Bumbo seat recall many people are wondering how they can find out if a product they have given or received has been recalled. As the saying goes, there’s an App for that! Now you can receive updates from the U.S....
  • Severe Weather
    CodeRed alerts Dekalb County Georgia residents of severe weather
    With the Dekalb Emergency Management Agency putting the final touches on their CodeRed emergency system known as Weather Warning, residents of Dekalb County Georgia can now receive immediate updates about impending weather dangers.According to...
  • Dollar General
    Dollar General Goes Mobile
    Sign up for Dollar General Mobile Alerts and you will get:First notificationson deals and specialsAlerts onin-store promotions and eventsInstantly redeemablemobile couponsGo HERE to sign-up
  • Offender wanted for sexual assault in 7th District
    Offender wanted for sexual assault in 7th District
    The 7th District Chicago Police Department has issued an alert to the residents of Beat 725 of a crime that occurred in the area of 67th Street and South Ashland Avenue on July 8th, 2011 at approximately 3:30 a.m. An unknown male black offender...
  • Raw Milk
    Minnesota illnesses linked to raw milk from Gibbon dairy farm
    Seven additional people have reported illnesses that have been linked to the consumption of raw milk and other raw dairy products from Hartmann dairy farm near Gibbon in Sibley County, Minnesota. Hartmann's farm was implicated in an outbreak...
  • Four Loko
    FDA asked Four Loko for proof that alcohol-caffeine drinks were safe
    The media has scrutinized companies producing beverages that combine alcohol and caffeine after nine party-going Washington University students were hospitalized after consuming Four Loko, also known as "Black Out in a Can." The...
  • WebMD_photo-dog_wanting_bone.jpg
    Pet Health: Be kind to your dog . No bones about it.
    “Toss a bone to the dog.” "Give a dog a bone" Old expressions. Meant to suggest a gesture of kindness to a canine. But nothing is further from the truth. If giving your dog a bone is your way to show your affection, STOP IT!...
  • Chuma, an 11-week-old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, was stolen from her home this week.
    Stolen puppy alert - have you seen this dog?
    Chuma, an 11 week old female Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, was stolen from her home in Northeast DC earlierthis week. According to reports, Chuma was stolen sometime during the day while his human, Kevin Fitzgerald, and his fiancée were at...
  • salmon.jpg
    San Francisco fisherman and farmers fight for changes in water policy
    Fishermen and farmers met on April 1, 2010 in what is being termed the "Salmon Summit". The meeting was to determine the policy regarding the water of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. For years farmers of the region have used the water...
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