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  • Tropical Oasis
    Awesome Airfare Alerts
    There probably aren't many people who are opposed to sunning themselves on the coast of somewhere beautiful. Even though most states are experiencing warmer temps as summer time draws near, it's still fun to spend these warm days...
  • Kayak for Spring Break
    Kayak gives their top trending spring break destinations
    March and April mean spring break to millions of people across America.That also means spending hard earned dollars on airfare, lodging and rental cars.It has been a harsh winter, especially to those in the Midwest and up and down the east coast....
  • WestJet flight and an Air Canada flight
    Will the Canadians enjoy lower airfare as a result of cheaper oil?
    The Canadian Economy is going through a tough time since the beginning of the current year. With the oil prices going down and the estimated over-valuation of the housing market by the Bank of Canada, Canadian economy is experiencing a big threat...
  • Airlines
    Hidden airline prices only give travelers more headaches
    Searching for a deal on airline tickets is always every traveler’s goal. Many airline companies offer deals and discounts throughout the year; however, what many travelers are never prepared for or happy about is extra fees.In today’s...
  • Airplane
    Finding the best airfare rates for your Disney World vacation
    Once your start planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resorts you will quickly discover just how fast everything can add up. Depending where you are flying in from, your airfare just might be the most expensive part of your vacation. Consider...
  • Crackdown on Carry-On's (Video)
    Crackdown on Carry-On's (Video)
    Booking a flight to anywhere these days can become expensive even after the ticket is already purchased. With stricter baggage rules and fees many passengers try to avoid the growing cost with the allotted one carry on and personal item bulging to...
  • DC Metro Map
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  • Trip Watcher
    Real-time travel alerts for airfare price drops, a division of Hotwire, offers users real-time alerts on airfare price drops. Users can watch flight itineraries up to a year in advance of the departure by using the “My Trips” tool.Users can subscribe to itineraries...
  • Airplane
    Family travel: how to get the best airfares this summer
    The most asked travel question is “when is the best time to buy a plane ticket?” Josh Noel of the LA Times recently wrote an article that answers this question.Summer is almost upon us. Most families are thinking about taking a family...
  • Samoa Air
    First airline to charge all passengers by weight says fair to all customers
    Samoa Air claims that the airline's policy of charging passengers airfare based on their weight is a fair practice. In a report on April 3, by ABC News, passengers and their bags will be weighed and the airfare for the ticket will be based on...
  • American Airlines
    American Airlines adding value to ticket prices
    American Airlines, serving over 50 countries, not only rolled out a new look to its website,, but added some unique combination products during the checkout process.While purchasing tickets directly through the airline, customers can now...
  • Turkish Airlines
    Escape the cool fall weather with Turkish Airlines
    With the fall weather setting in, Turkish Airlines has a great opportunity to escape the chilly temperatures and plan a luxurious trip to beautiful Istanbul. Leave your worries behind and get out and explore.Now through November 30, 2012,...
  •  Taj Mahal
    $1499 -- India 3-City Escorted Vacation w/Tours & Airfare*
    $1499 -- India 3-City Escorted Vacation w/Tours & Airfare*Taj MahalStare down the long reflecting pool of the Taj Mahal, one of the great wonders of the world, on this escorted India vacation for $1499 per person, including taxes. This saves ...
  • United Airlines
    Are Airlines Pricing Themselves Out?
    Like many travelers living in large hub cities, Houstonians are singing the travel blues this summer as prices for domestic flights continue to rise and hold steady. While the summer months are usually busy with families taking vacations during...
  • It's a razzle dazzle day.
    Traveling from Jersey to Disney: planes, trains, and hitchhiking ghosts
    Sometimes it seems like New Jersey and Walt Disney World are on different continents (they're not, we checked). In some southern states, it's fairly easy to drive down for a long weekend, but it's not assimple to do so from the...
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