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    TV5MONDE USA renews partnership with SIFF's French Cinema Now Festival
    According to a press release via email, TV5MONDE USA, a 24/7 French Language station that is seen throughout the nation on cable systems like Charter, Comcast, Time Warner, and many more, just renewed a deal with the Seattle International Film...
  • The Four Agreements
    Losing the negative person in you - The key to improving relationships
    In the NBCNews feature, Insider,Maria Shriver invites participants to share experiences which have spurred them to act, reflect or create. In a recent installment, Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the international best-selling book, "The Four...
  • 6 Strategies to avoid negotiating and deal troubles
    6 Strategies to avoid negotiating and deal troubles
    Entrepreneurs create startups and grow them while incorporating many types of deals. Hiring key team members requires a negotiated employment agreement. Raising capital involves a debt or equity financing agreements with negotiated deal terms....
  • Agreement
    How to handle the fickle customer
    In an impersonal, technological age, the fickle customer has become more common. After all, why should they not go to the place where they can get the desired product faster and cheaper? In many cases, the fickle customer will want last-minute...
  • DirecTV receivers packaged for return
    DirecTV early cancellation policy unfair to the unfortunate
    Consider the next-door neighbor you had just a couple of years ago and how much you envied them whenever they bought a new car or boat or took lavish vacations. Recall how you often heard the incessant chattering and poolside merriment, while the...
  • Russia and India: a former superpower courting an emerging one
    Russia and India: a former superpower courting an emerging one
    India is courted by great powers for the enormous potential it represents in today's globalized world. Indeed the five last months have marked an important step for the economic sector of the second most populated country in the world....
  • Hard Water
    Courage Expands Your Life Potential
    For years school teachers declared that a majority of their students did not reach their full potential. For some this characteristic became a costly self-defeating habit, spending over 10% of their wages being rescued annually. What did the...
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