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  • Neighbourhood
    The Neighbourhood exclusive: Sweater Weather, black & white, a new album & more
    The Neighbourhood was formed back in August of 2011, and after releasing two new EPs, the band finally came out with their first full album entitled I Love You.The Neighbourhood's first album rose to be as high as 16th on Billboard'sHot...
  • Brandi Glanville
    ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville admits to being afraid of Lisa Vanderpump
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville has been making lots of headlines lately because of her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. On the show, they are starting to feud a little, but in real life, they are far from...
  • sunset
    Mathew 14 22-33 “the wind was against it” (the boat) and the waves tossed the boat about. “The rivers and the winds of the earth flow their own courses over time. We are tossed about by the winds of change in the world, the movement of the tides...
  • Get out of the boat
    Get out of the boat
    Sometimes it’s hard to be your own person and step out on what you believe in; especially when most of your friends are saying or doing something different. Although there are more followers than there are leaders, don’t let that stop...
  • Afraid of what friends may think
    Are you afraid of what your friends may think?
    As life changes, we have to change with it. With change come decisions, some great and some small. There are a lot of people that hate to make decisions because they are afraid of what others may think. It could be a haircut, an outfit, moving, or...
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