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Afghanistan Articles - Page 7

National Reading of the Names

April 4, 2014
As of yesterday, 6,785 American service men and women have been killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Yesterday, Jan Scruggs, President and Founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, announced that on Memorial Day the VVMF will...

Afghanistan's past portends its future

April 4, 2014
On the tragic news today that two journalists were shot, one to death by an Afghanistan police officer, one can only contemplate the environment in the loosely ordered place. It is tribal and sectarian. Its government is forced and lacks...

Leland Yee should be tried for treason

April 2, 2014
California State Senator Leland Yee, who has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to traffic weapons on the international market, should be tried for treason, as this commentator sees it. Yee, who represents parts of San Francisco and San Mateo...

East vs. West: The New Cold War

March 26, 2014
I was born in 1961 and lived through the worst of what we call the Cold War. The United States and most of the world against the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. I thought when the Wall came down in...

Hamid Karzai: A Puppet No Longer

March 17, 2014
In 2001, Afghanistan was run by the Taliban. A very strict way of life was being maintained. Women would have no schooling and to put it honestly you would think that Afghanistan was not living in the 21st century. In...