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  • What is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)?
    What is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)?
    Whether you’re an animal person or not, you have to admit that puppies are pretty darn cute. So cute that there are YouTube Channels, Facebook accounts, and Buzzfeed newsletters devoted to the subject. Unfortunately, there’s a not so...
  • Is Lenovo installing adware/malware on new computers?
    Lenovo denies installing malware on new computers
    The tech internet is all abuzz with the disclosure that Lenovo installs Superfish on new computers they ship."Malware" the internet screams.Not so fast, Lenovo responds.Lenovo says it is doing nothing of the kind and that Superfish is...
  • Spoof software update alert displayed by adware
    Adware-assisted browser hijacking frenzy gets ubiquitous
    Moneymaking schemes through the proliferation of malicious software tend to be volatile. As some techniques go obsolete, prevalently due to law enforcement countermeasures, new or previously dormant approaches don’t fail to occupy the vacant...
  • How to tell if your Computer has a Virus
    How to tell if your Computer has a Virus
    Your computer probably has a virus if you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions below:Is your computer running quite slowly?A virus often causes a computer to run slowly. But realize that this symptom can also mean that a computer...
  • For your safety: understanding computer terms for illegal activity, scareware and adware
    For your safety: understanding computer terms for illegal activity, scareware an
    Unfortunately, the farther computer technology advances, the more it opens ways for criminals to commit fraud. Two of the more popular methods are forms of malware called scareware and adware.Scareware is unethically marketed software that reaches...
  • adware
    FTC orders online marketing firm to destroy consumer spyware data
    Dec. 7, New York Daily News reports 'Epic Marketplace Inc., a online marketing company spied on Internet users' browsing habits in order to see what health conditions they might have and target ads to them, according to a Federal Trade...
  • My computer's been infected - HELP!
    Your computer's infected? What to do next
    You've just poured your cup of morning joe; the kids are either on their way to school, or safely ensconsed in their crib, and you're ready to check the morning headlines. On the television, a news item catches your fancy, but the...
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