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  • Violence shelter to be set up in Chicago Lawn
    Violence shelter to be set up in Chicago Lawn
    Mayor Emanuel announced, on May 29, 2013, that Chicago Lawn would be the new home for a domestic violence shelter at 3501 W. 63rd Place. It was decided with no input from the residence that it would be located in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood and...
  • 2013 West Michigan Food Allergy Advocate Search
    Search for West Michigan's 2013 Outstanding Food Allergy Advocate
    Navigating the food allergy minefield is tough. Checking the labels, asking the dreaded questions, and enduring the skeptical, put-out looks is just part of the package for food allergy sufferers. That is why it makes it all the more sweet when we...
  • Marshall
    Del. Marshall spouts more anti-gay rhetoric on CNN
    Delegate Robert G. Marshall, Prince Williams very own conservative Republican delegate to the General Assembly showed up on CNN today, supposedly to explain his reasons for not wanting Tracy Thorne-Begland as a general district court judge.Instead...
  • Protection
    Defending your marriage; Being your best advocate
    It seems like everywhere you go there is always someone you can suck the positive right out of the concept of marriage. There is always some man hater or guy who sounds like he has been personally burned by every woman in town. That is why I feel...
  • Are your child's rights protected?
    Parents asked to speak up as deadline nears
    The deadline is looming for parents in Tennessee to speak out in the IDEA National Survey project. The survey is intended to assess whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents are protected, and if “parents perceive...
  • Sponsor
    Sponsor - Advocates in the Workplace & Why You Should Have One.
    Who would have thought that you could learn a thing or two about career planning from Teairra Mari, Gucci Mane, and Soulja Boy? Their song “Sponsor” has some striking applications for the corporate world.Ever wonder how some people...
  • Positive Energy
    SDSU Celebrates National Ag Day
    The campus at South Dakota State University was buzzing today with students sporting teal shirts and sharing random agriculture facts. Students in the Agriculture and Biological Sciences Department were out in full force promoting the ag industry...
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