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  • Maid Microwave Oven
    Technology Advancements Being Made in the Kitchen
    Technology is taking yet another huge step by breaking into the warming spaces of our kitchens. Recently there was a new project launched on Kickstarter called Maid. Maid is a simple renovation to a dated appliance. Maid is a home microwave oven...
  • Display of Cub Scout badges, belt loops, and pins
    All about BSA Scout rank advancement
    One of the key features of the BSA Scouting programs is the concept of rank advancement. By working to fulfill rank requirements and earning advancement step by step, boys build self-esteem and gain confidence as well as learning specific skills....
  • Before a new job are you ready?
    Steps to climb the corporate ladder
    So you’ve been working at the same place for over a year and you wonder what it takes to get a promotion? You’ve seen another get a promotion and wonder when it’s your turn. Here are steps to ensure that you’ll be...
  • Showing up at meeting
    The simple act that will pay dividends for you and your career
    It is amazing how a few simple acts, consistently applied, will reap great benefits in today’s fast paced and complex environment. Here is a simple one that, on the face of it, seems so elementary that one would think that the act would be taken...
  • In A Rush?
    A Way to (Actually!) Make the New Year Yours.
    Now that we have made our resolutions, and toiled through about three weeks of the New Year, it’s about time we spend some time getting “real” with ourselves. Sure, we have made promises to stop making excuses and show...
  • Kevin Regular Career Advancement
    Does corporate management care about your career?
    The answer to this question unfortunately is no. With the economy having been in a state where the corporate attitude is to do more with less, the focus on employee satisfaction and career growth has taken a back seat to more profits and...
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
    Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back
    Years ago, during my more conservative Christian era, I read a book by Charles R. Swindoll called “Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Persevering Through Pressure.” Having given up much of thatembeddedtheology I once was bound to, I...
  • Lost and not yet found: Where is Houston's young philanthropist?
    Lost and not yet found: Where is Houston's young philanthropist?
    "If you want it, will it. Do it. Make it happen." The words of Houston philanthropy's First Lady - Carolyn Farb -were nothing short of inspirational and struck a nerve deep within my 26-year-old soul.Armed with nothing more than my...
  • Boy Scouts of America logo
    First phase of Boy Scout rank advancement teaches early scout skills
    The Scout method identifies rank advancement as one of its seven core elements. Scouts advance progressively in a self-paced, self-governed manner through participation, study, activity and education. For their efforts, scouts are eventually...
  • Eagle Challenge
    Prepare your first year scouts for summer camp
    Every Boy Scout troop should be planning for their summer camp and with first year Scouts attending, troops should consider helping these new boys learn about the Boy Scout advancement program by promoting the enrollment in Eagle Challenge...
  • Football Coach with Little League Team
    NFL championship hiring tips – win some and learn some
    Did you watch Pro Bowl 2011? If so, you’ll probably watch Super Bowl XLVthis Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 6:30pm EST. While you are watching, I encourage you to think about the many correlations between the NFL draft process and best...
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