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  • "The Lord Added!"(Acts 2:47)
    "The Lord Added!"(Acts 2:47)
    Praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”(Acts 2:47)School has many subjects. Math is one of those being taught from early childhood. One is taught to count...
  • A rhesus macaque monkey is about to touch the symbol 8, worth eight drops of reward, rather than 4, worth four drops of reward.
    Monkeys proven to be able to add
    Rhesus macaque monkeys have been shown to be capable of the equivalent of addition for the first time. Margaret S. Livingstone and colleagues from Harvard Medical School and Yale University School of Medicine proved that macaques have at least a...
  • Family Room Addition
    Room Additions
    Room additions vary in size, shape and location. There are 2 wall, 3 wall, single story, second story and two story room additions. To name a few, there are family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, dining rooms, living rooms, laundry rooms,...
  • Room Additions San Diego
    5 Reasons You Need A Room Addition
    Feel like you are running out of space in your home? The accumulation of furniture and décor, new bundles of joy in the family, sharing space with other family members, and the popularity of working from home are all common reasons your home might...
  • Lisa Hochstein
    ‘RHOM’ star Lisa Hochstein has trouble raising her newest family addition?
    “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein has been hoping for a child with her husband Lenny Hochstein, but the couple have not been so lucky with their desire to have a child. But that doesn’t mean that they have put...
  • Counting skills
    3 simple ways to develop your child's early math skills
    It may be frustrating as a parent to count with your child if it goes something like this:You ask your child to count how many goldfish he or she has on a napkin. Your child happily responds by pointing to goldfish one by one, counting seemingly...
  • The dedication of the United Church of Winchester happened this Sunday
    The dedication of the United Church of Winchester happened this Sunday
    Yesterday, The United Church of Winchester dedicated their new church addition to God, and it was a great celebration. Local pastors and retired ministers who had served at the church were present, and an uplifting sermon was presented by the UCC...
  • Touch Math Number Grid
    Adding With Ease
    Are things not adding up for your child when it comes to math? Sometimes when a child is taught math, simple adding and the connection between the amounts of a number gets lost. If you are sure your child can count, but the concept of one group...
  • Learning Addition and Subtraction
    Learning Addition and Subtraction
    Can you imagine memorizing one hundred of anything? When you ask your child to learn addition facts through 18, by memorizing, you are asking them to memorize one hundred facts. Your child might feel overwhelmed and loose confidence in their...
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