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  • Tobin Center
    Tobin Center debut performance: The Science of Sound
    On Thursday evening, the Tobin Center opened its doors for the first public performance. The event: The Science of Sound, presented by Texas Public Radio, featured a performance by the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio and a discussion by the...
  • "Specimen" school of guitar making
    “Specimen”: a guitar repair shop, guitar-making school, and vacuum tube oasis
    Walking into Specimen, the guitar/acoustic workshop located on 1240 North Homan Avenue, is like walking into a alternate present, a 21st century that could have been if the transistor didn't replace the vacuum tube, and acoustics still used...
  • This is a schematic of the components of the ARBIMON recording system.
    New internet tech tracks rain forest species by sound
    A group of scientists led by Dr. Mitchell Aide and Dr. Carlos Corrada-Bravo of the University of Puerto Rico reported the development and testing of a simple internet based system that tracks endangered rain forest species by sound in the July 16,...
  • A photochemical liquid switch made by combining acoustically levitated drops.
    Scientific first: Levitation with sound
    Scientists from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich in Zurich, Switzerland announced the development and testing of the first workable system that uses sound to levitate objects in the July 15, 2013, issue of the journal Proceedings of...
  • Cover of "Sounds of Murder" by Patricia Rockwell.
    Read “Sounds of Murder” by Patricia Rockwell
    “Sounds of Murder” offers an interesting twist on cozy mysteries. The main character in the Pamela Barnes Acoustic Mystery series is a Psychology Professor who helps to solve a mystery by analyzing sounds.Patricia Rockwell knows what...
  • Commercial Kitchen
    Reducing indoor noise pollution
    Whether you know it or not, noisy places raise your adrenaline and blood pressure and damage your hearing. After you leave, your body will release cortisol which will make you feel tired. If it is your home that is noisy, which may be caused by...