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  • Perseverance, empathy, courage and assertiveness are often qualities that children with learning differences acquire
    Four strengths developed by children with learning challenges
    Kids with learning and developmental difficulties have struggles that other children will never know, whether it is difficulty sitting still, to making friends and motor planning. While it can be hard for those children and their families, there...
  • We are all witnesses
    Faith and (new) fitness
    Faith and (New) FitnessHave you ever considered how faith plays a role in your health and fitness? If you believe in creation (or if you don't), many religions believe that we are not only a body and mind, but also a soul. The body, mind, and...
  • Remembering the animals
    Remembering the animals
    This is a great time of year to think of donating to the animal rescue associations. We tend to forget in all the hassle and bustle of the holidays about those four footed friends who are not in a home with human friends. However, this is the...
  • Be still and know he is God
    Be still and know he is God
    Bzzzz….bzzzz….bzzzz....the alarm goes off Monday morning. You drudge out of bed to get ready for yet another busy day. Rushing swiftly out the door while barely finishing your breakfast, you hop in your car and pull into traffic and...
  • Say Something Nice Day
    Workplace relationships - say something nice day
    Today, June 1st is “Say Something Nice Day”.And nothing could be truer than saying something nice in the workplace. Our relationships thrive on being nice and saying nice things to one another. Granted, it is really difficult to be...
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