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  • Public humiliation
    Using the Internet for social control
    Is your neighborhood secure? Are you afraid to walk the streets at night? Is enough being done to preserve public safety?Some people with these concerns have set up Internet sites to alert their friends and neighbors about criminals in their...
  • 'The Accused' is excellent
    'The Accused' is excellent
    American courtrooms provide excellent settings for bringing together characters from all ethnic and social classes. Justice, according to the cliché, is blind and all are entitled to fairness under the law. Recently, this column has reviewed "...
  • DEA: Denying the accused the full discovery process
    DEA: Denying the accused the full discovery process
    The U.S. Drug Administration is in the news again. The Colorado Conservative Examiner has uncovered countless examples of abuse by the DEA and the problems with the “chronic pain industry” such as the embedded video, peer reviewed...
  • Kim Kardashian
    Pregnant Kim Kardashian accused of staging pregnancy photos
    Kim Kardashian has her pictures taken pretty much wherever she goes, but it sounds like she may have staged some pictures of her in Greece, where she was showing off her pregnant body in a bikini. Apparently, she wanted to get some nice shots of...
  • RCMP
    Sexual harrassment allegations cause RCMP to change, but slowly
    The RCMP, the supposed bastion of police propriety in Canada, is undergoing some changes recently in light of sexual harrassment allegations from some force members in the last year. But some say it isn't happening fast enough, an article in...
  • Yakima County Sheriff patch
    Sheriff's deputy pleads "not guilty" to shocking charge of home invasion rape
    Yakima Deputy Sean Moore has been accused of breaking into a home and forcing a woman in Selah whom he knew very wellto perform a sex act.Moore is also accused of assaulting the woman and threatening her male friend at gunpoint earlier in the day ...
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