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  • Need to rethink the purpose of higher education
    Big money undermines higher education
    Education and business isn’t quite the pair as, say, horse and carriage or love and marriage, but the association seems to be getting stronger every semester.Consider the business perspective and the logic of its exponents.Education, a $1...
  • The Spirit of Division
    White House Spirit of Division
    Dear Mr. President,In this letter I will address spiritual things affecting this nation in a dynamic, catastrophic, and diabolical way. Spirit number one is a Spirit of Division. It is easily seen in both houses of congress and where you sit. It...
  • Eau Claire River Development
    Exposing Eau Claire City Council's secrecy
    Eau Claire City Council President Kerry Kincaid has let it be known that she doesn't take kindly to citizens asking questions about the city's latest project:I have received complaints from citizens and Council Members regarding the...
  • debt
    Accountability and forgiveness
    Read Matthew 18:15-35Jesus made the church to be a viable entity in this world.It is to work at the individual level.It is to work in the small group.It is to work as a larger body, the congregation.It is to work as all who follow Jesus.A brother...
  • Margaret Anderson-Kelliher
    MnSCU's trustees disappear
    James van Houten's op-ed is important reading to understand what's been missing in the dispute between Chancellor Rosenstone and the IFO and the students. Here's the key part of van Houten's op-ed:As a member of the Minnesota State...
  •  Boca Raton:  Don’t forget meeting tonight Oct.16 on state new school accountability
    Boca Raton: Don’t forget meeting tonight Oct. 16 on new school accountability
    Input meetings on state accountability being provided to PBC communities (See below, last scheduled meeting for PBC at Olympic Heights Community High School, Auditorium)Florida school districts are providing opportunities for communities to find...
  • Mark Dayton: the unaware governor
    Mark Dayton: the unaware governor
    Jeff Johnson's latest ad, titled Unaware, hits Gov. Dayton for being oblivious to the things that are in the bills Gov. Dayton signed. Here's the transcript for Commissioner Johnson's ad:Voiceover: Unaware of bonuses for his failed...
  • Here's the real problem
    The real problem with domestic violence
    I’ve been getting lots of calls and emails in the past two weeks with people asking me what I think about all the recent domestic violence incidents in the news, from the latest NFL scandal
  • money showing "In God We Trust"
    Key to your success
    Do you wonder why things do not seem to normally work out for you? Is there a pattern? There is a phrase in the counseling world called Center of Locus, which I’ve introduced before to you. Whether your locus of control exists inside or out,...
  • Sam Silverstein at NSA-CF
    Sam Silverstein brings "No More Excuses" to Tampa
    "No More Excuses" resonated with members of the National Speakers Association-Central Florida who gathered in Tampa today for their August 16 meeting. Entrepreneur, business expert, and international author Sam Silverstein’sbattle...
  • Coming Apart Mentally - The accountability of a wife
    Coming Apart Mentally 5 - The accountability of a wife
    May 30, 2014 – Procrastination, over-aggressiveness, confusion, chaos and disorder are unhealthy and married men live longer. The loving accountability of a wife can extend a man’s life, so it seems. Men tend to compartmentalize even...
  • CVA responds to VA Accountability Act passage, Senate blocks the bill
    CVA responds to VA Accountability Act passage, Senate blocks the bill
    On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014 (H.R. 4031) with final vote of 390-33 and was applauded by Concerned Veterans for America (CVA).H.R....
  • The Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education
    School board official used official credit card for personal purchases
    According to news reports, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Board of Education member Christopher Barclay used his school system issued American Express card for personal purchases.The bio posted on the Board of Education website states...
  • Exposing the Met Council
    Exposing the Met Council
    Jenifer Loon's amendment to SF2268 is an amendment that should've passed without dissent. According the House Journal for yesterday, it was rejected by the DFL on a straight party line vote. Rep. Loon's amendment was straightforward....
  • Coming Apart Mentally 4 – The accountability that honors and encourages 1
    Coming Apart Mentally 4 – The accountability that honors and encourages
    Queens, N.Y. - Ah-ha! I got you! Now you are in trouble! This is what sometimes passes for accountability and can give the word a negative stigma – this hyper-critical, lazy-eyed focus seems to be the hunt for damning error rather than...
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