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  • Pro Life March In Washington Sees Gains And Setbacks
    Pro Life March In Washington Sees Gains And Setbacks
    Each January over half a million people descend on the nation's Capitol to show their opposition to the Supreme Court's 1973 landmark decision of Roe V Wade. That case legalized abortion in the nation. It has proven to be a lighting rod...
  • Ted Cruz
    Is this what America voted for: Red-faced Congress
    It is going to take more than a small group of Republican women to straighten out this Congress. Actually, it is too late. American voters too another risky gamble by installing a “red” Congress and now they are getting a two-prong...
  • March for Life
    March for Life 2015
    Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter gives us his annual column on why we should do better as Catholics on the abortion issue. He marched anyway (I did not - never have after 31 opportunities). You can find his piece athttp:/...
  • Abortion rights
    Why can't Republicans stop molesting women's rights?
    Republicans are repeat offenders when it comes to invading the privacy of women and intruding upon their civil rights that are unique to them, that is child bearing. Maybe a registry should be created logging their names as repeat offenders. Maybe...
  • GOP Abortion Women
    GOP women: Abortion moderates revolt over rape clause, GOP pulls abortion bill
    The GOP has yanked an abortion bill after several women and moderates bucked at language in the House Republican's anti-abortion proposal. The controversial bill was removed from floor consideration late Wednesday night – a move that...
  • Obama SOTU
    Obama's last hurrah
    Wednesday, Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter commented on the prior evening's State of the Union Address. I am a day later because I was gains working and could not take the time to write this. I think it is worth the wait. As...
  • Norma McCorvey
    Norma 'Roe' McCorvey speaks out
    January 22, 1973 is a day that lingers as a pus-filled pimple on the face of America’s history. Though there are those who herald the events of that day as a triumph for freedom and liberty, others look back and ask, “What were they...
  • Entering Reno
    Hawkeye Pierce speaks candidly on the abortion issue
    In preparation for class for this coming semester we read Carol Gilligan, “In a Different Voice.” Dr. Gilligan discusses the abortion issue from a very different perspective. She argues abortion is the taking of a human life, but she...
  • Singer Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj says a teen abortion has haunted her
    It appears that with all of her talent, good looks and success Nicki Minaj has had a relatively charmed life. However, USA Today reported on Dec. 31, 2014 Minaj has been haunted by an abortion which she had earlier in her life. She says when she...
  • Nicki Minaj shares how a teenage abortion has haunted her
    Nicki Minaj abortion haunts diva: Teen decision conjures emotions years later
    Nicki Minaj shared something very personal about her life in a recent interview and the event has haunted her since her teen years. As a kid still in high school, Minaj became pregnant and opted for an abortion at that time. In her own words today...
  • America's death culture on the advance
    2014: A banner year for the global death culture
    The year 2014 will go down as one which saw noteworthy forward movement in what some call “the world-wide culture of death.”Islamic terrorists, both here in the US and abroad, rejuvenated the ancient and barbarous custom of beheading...
  • Ontario to Catholic Doctors: Abort, or else
    Ontario: Catholic doctors need not apply
    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario released a draft of new policy on Dec. 11 that would require all doctors to provide referrals for abortions, morning-after pills and contraception. And an official of the College of Physicians and...
  • Just thinking
    Turn-up For Your Faith
    I'm a hardworking, non-stopping, non-sleeping, machine of a stay-at-home mom. I do not get a lot of time to myself, but when I do (while vacuuming and stuff), I get these random thoughts that I feel like I should blog. Like, you know, being a...
  • Planned Parenthood members showing off their ornament
    Presenting Planned Parenthood's erect penis Christmas ornament
    Complete this sentence: "All I want for Christmas is ____." How did you answer? The old-timers out there may have responded with "my two front teeth," while those of more recent coinage probably said "you." Here's...
  • Margaret Sanger Resurrected
    'Architect of Obamacare' is a Margaret Sanger elitist in eugenics
    Remember the executive order signed by President Barack Obama which promised no federal government funding would be spent on abortion? Pro life forces scoffed at the order which basically was all talk with no action.