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  • Crist takes 7% lead in Florida
    New poll gives Charlie Crist a big lead in Florida governor's race
    The race for Florida governor has been painfully tight for the last two months, with most polls showing either a tied race or at most a one or two point lead for one of the major party candidates. With just about 48 hours to go until Floridians...
  • Results of the Survey
    The customer service survey
    A company's Customer Service survey is not a waste of time, money or effort. It is a necessity. Customers will tell others about you anyhow; so why not get them to tell you about yourself?MSN Money has recently made public its Annual Customer...
  • Romney surging in Ohio
    Romney surging in Ohio
    President Obama’s lead over former governor Mitt Romney in the key swing state of Ohio has virtually disappeared. According to the Zogby Swing State Tracking Poll, Obama's lead is just one point or 45 percent to 44 percent.Romney has...
  • Herman Cain AP Image
    Herman Cain leads the GOP contenders in Zogby Poll
    Atlanta’s Herman Cain had a very good week last week and his campaign received more good news yesterday with the release of the most recent Zogby poll of likely voters.In addition to a strong performance Thursday during the debate in Orlando...
  • Obama's tailspin in the Muslim World continues
    Poll: Obama's downward spiral in the Muslim World continues is reporting that Barack Obama's tailspin has gone from bad to worse.In an international poll conducted by Arab American Institute President James Zogby, the favorable opinion of the United States under Obama has dropped...
  • Chris Christie
    Iowa still calling for Chris Christie?
    Earlier this year, Iowa donors came to Princeton to discuss with Governor Chris Christie the 2012 presidential election. Ideally, the donors wanted to persuade Christie into a run for president as they were less than pleased with the current...
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