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  • Op-Ed: Opposing Kathleen Wynne's sex-ed agenda doesn't make you 'homophobic'
    Op-Ed: Opposing Kathleen Wynne's sex-ed agenda doesn't make you 'homophobic'
    Last month, the Ontario Liberal government released the latest sex-ed curriculum, which drew a positive reaction from much of the general public. However, there were 500 people that demonstrated outside of Queen’s Park, prompting the premier...
  • Kerry and Ban attend counter terrorism summit at White House
    UN chief urges greater sustainability to combat disaster costs
    On Wednesday in New York City after the release of the UN’s latest disaster risk assessment report United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for greater economic development in lower income countries in order to be more proactive...
  • 10-month-old baby 41 pounds: How 9-pound baby grew to 41-pound baby in 10 months
    10-month-old baby 41 pounds: How 9-pound baby grew to 41-pound baby in 10 months
    The 10-month-old baby weighing 41 pounds is making international headlines because Aliya was born a healthy baby with nine pounds but then gained so much weight that as a 10-month-old baby she weighed 41 pounds. Aliya’s dad is sharing that...
  • Alzheimers_Unconditional_Love.jpg
    Betsy Broyles Arnold and Kailen Rosenberg aim to help Alzheimer's caregivers
    Today, there are “more than five million people living with Alzheimer's disease” (About, 2015). The illness is an unrelenting demon; as the disease progresses, loved ones struggle more and more with with “memory, thinking and...
  • U.S. must rein-in radical mosques
    U.S. must rein-in radical mosques
    According to the Mapping Sharia in America Project, former counterterrorism and counterintelligence agents targeted 2,300 mosques, Islamic centers and schools across America for undercover surveillance. So far these ex-FBI, CIA and U.S. military...
  • Zeynep Ozbilen
    Zeynep Ozbilen's album 'Z [zee]' takes listeners on a trip around the world
    Her name— Zeynep Ozbilen— may not be the easiest to pronounce initially but once you have a listen of the singer-songwriter's latest album,Z [zee] (or you could just go in person to her CD release concert March 5 at Lula Lounge),...
  • Good news for pandas as their wild population rises
    Wild panda population is on the rise
    The World Wildlife Fund reported on their website Friday, February 27, 2015 that the wild population of pandas rose by nearly 17% over the past decade. The panda bear has long been an iconic symbol of conservation due to its secluded nature....
  • Were You Born For The World's Benefit?
    Were You Born For The World's Benefit?
    If you were born for the world’s benefit, the world may just benefit. Why deny the obvious preference of your soul’s intent for inhabiting the earth plane? Could it be that you hold back from acting upon the ‘natural and...
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu makes his case of a nuclear Iran
    Netanyahu’s Iranian nuclear claims contradict spy agency findings
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have purposely misled the United Nations in his claims that Iran was on a path toward the building nuclear weapons. This is according to leaked documents first reported by Al Jazeera on Monday stating...
  • ISIL does not deserve recognition of Islamic State
    New terror threat made by al-Shabab on the homeland
    Sunday morning, Feb. 22, on ABC’s "This Week", George Stephanopoulos reported that America had received a terror threat against the homeland. The Mall of America in Minneapolis has been targeted as revealed by a new video released...
  • January 2015 global temps rank second in record
    NOAA reports Earth had second warmest January on record in 2015
    In the release its latest monthly analysis of global temperatures on Thursday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. reported that, with a combined land and sea average...
  • Karl Malone Picture.jpg
    Karl "The Mailman" Malone campaigns for heart health during Black History Month
    On July 24, 1963, Shirley Malone gave birth to a baby boy. The single mother lovingly raised her nine children in the small town of Summerville Louisiana. There, her young son developed a love of fishing, farm life, hard work, and the church ...
  • Obamacare disaster
    Obamacare disaster
    Obamacare disasterThis has been a learning experience gone terribly wrong. From the onset with the web site, being inoperable, to the threat of monetary fines, and it's called Obamacare.Everyone is a victim.
  • Blood donation
    Black market steps in to help with China's blood 'famine'
    China’s newest blood problem is one that they’ve created all on their own and a black market is emerging to solve it. According to Reuters on Feb. 16, “blood heads” are selling certificates to patients who wouldn’t be...
  • cow in a field
    Mad cow in Canada? Officials say yes, but not to worry (VIDEO)
    For the first time in four years, Canada has reported a case of mad cow disease, officials confirmed Friday, Feb. 13.The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the infected cow came from Alberta, but also confirmed that the beef from the animal had...