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  • Israeli PM Netanyahu makes his case of a nuclear Iran
    Netanyahu’s Iranian nuclear claims contradict spy agency findings
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have purposely misled the United Nations in his claims that Iran was on a path toward the building nuclear weapons. This is according to leaked documents first reported by Al Jazeera on Monday stating...
  • ISIL does not deserve recognition of Islamic State
    New terror threat made by al-Shabab on the homeland
    Sunday morning, Feb. 22, on ABC’s "This Week", George Stephanopoulos reported that America had received a terror threat against the homeland. The Mall of America in Minneapolis has been targeted as revealed by a new video released...
  • January 2015 global temps rank second in record
    NOAA reports Earth had second warmest January on record in 2015
    In the release its latest monthly analysis of global temperatures on Thursday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. reported that, with a combined land and sea average...
  • Karl Malone Picture.jpg
    Karl "The Mailman" Malone campaigns for heart health during Black History Month
    On July 24, 1963, Shirley Malone gave birth to a baby boy. The single mother lovingly raised her nine children in the small town of Summerville Louisiana. There, her young son developed a love of fishing, farm life, hard work, and the church ...
  • Obamacare disaster
    Obamacare disaster
    Obamacare disasterThis has been a learning experience gone terribly wrong. From the onset with the web site, being inoperable, to the threat of monetary fines, and it's called Obamacare.Everyone is a victim.
  • Blood donation
    Black market steps in to help with China's blood 'famine'
    China’s newest blood problem is one that they’ve created all on their own and a black market is emerging to solve it. According to Reuters on Feb. 16, “blood heads” are selling certificates to patients who wouldn’t be...
  • cow in a field
    Mad cow in Canada? Officials say yes, but not to worry (VIDEO)
    For the first time in four years, Canada has reported a case of mad cow disease, officials confirmed Friday, Feb. 13.The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the infected cow came from Alberta, but also confirmed that the beef from the animal had...
  • Mad cow disease found in Canada, first Canadian BSE case since 2011
    Mad cow disease found in Canada, first Canadian BSE case since 2011
    A case of mad cow disease was confirmed in Canada, reported Reuters Feb. 13. Canada is a leading beef exporter. The infected cow was found in Alberta, Canada, It's the first case of mad cow disease since 2011.The Canadian Food Inspection...
  • Glenys-Rachel-Robin.jpg
    Dr. Judith Jones advocates dental care for seniors
    Most of us know how to take care of our teeth. We know to brush twice a day, floss, eat healthy foods, and visit the dentist regularly. For seniors, the advice is no different.Just the same, seniors have several unique dental care concerns and...
  • Sierra Leone halts Ebola workers' wages over 'ghostworkers', some workers strike
    Sierra Leone halts Ebola workers' wages over 'ghostworkers', some workers strike
    A few scammer Ebola "ghostworkers" in Sierra Leone are making it rough for the over 95 percent of workers who are legitimate, reported Reuters Feb. 10. The Sierra Leonean government has repeatedly halted wages to Ebola workers while it...
  • Sudanese Food
    Leading Food Company Revives Tradition
    On February 19-21, one of Sudan’s leading food businesses, DAL Food, will launch a highly anticipated food festival which will highlight the beauty of Sudanese traditional food, covering Sudan’s vast cultures and populations.Over...
  • The iceberg model
    Climate Interactive creating Climate Leaders
    The video series, The Climate Leader presented by Climate Interactive, is a series regarding whole systems thinking. Intelligently broken down into key concepts and short clips, the ideas come across in tight, well written segments that build upon...
  • Jupiter's moons
    Jupiter's Moons: Rare new image of triple solar eclipse
    NASAis sharing this new imagetaken by the Hubble space telescope. It shows three big moons crossing past Jupiter, a triple solar eclipse. The moons cast their shadows onto the planet's surface. Hubble reports that in the past 15 years, this...
  • Dr. Clear.jpg
    Dr. Carolyn Clear and Lindsay Mathis work together to fight RSV
    It's that time of year again! During the Winter months, we often enjoy holiday gatherings, cozy sweaters, and warm, crackling fireplaces. Unfortunately, colder temperatures also bring with it a slew of germs. Entire populations are subject to...
  • Ebola drug tests promising in Guinea, Liberian Ebola vaccine trials underway
    Ebola drug tests promising in Guinea, Liberian Ebola vaccine trials underway
    Several new weapons in the war on Ebola show promise. Ebola vaccine trials kicked off in Liberia. Researchers in Guinea called Ebola drug tests "encouraging." This is good news afterEbola treatment tests in Liberia were halted, reported...