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  • WoT logo
    'World of Tanks' coming to Xbox One
    “World of Tanks” is finally coming to Xbox One. Fans of the tank MMO have been waiting for this for some time. WoT was an exclusive on Xbox 360 and while the move to the Xbox One was expected it was officially announced during E3. July...
  • WoT 9.8 Update
    New update for 'World of Tanks'
    Update 9.8 for “World of Tanks” is now available. This new update brings a lot of minor changes to improve player's experience. It also is heralding the new game mode Domination.Players will now be able to group up with friends to...
  • Mohamed Fadl
    Turning gamers into professionals- An interview with Wargaming's Mohamed Fadl
    It’s day 2 of the World of Tanks Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland and fans are waiting outside in the rain to get into the EXPO XXI building and see the final matches live. The Quarter-Finals are getting underway and Wargamings Director of...
  • 2015 WGL Grand Finals Champions HellRaisers
    HellRaisers surpass rivals Na'Vi in unexpected WGL Grand Finals victory
    The Grand Finals for Wargaming League’s “World of Tanks” championships held in Warsaw, Poland Apr. 25-26 claimed a somewhat unexpected winner over the weekend. Reigning champions Na’Vi from last years tournament were beaten...
  • Wot Grand Finals Press Conference
    WoT Grand Finals and the future of eSports
    The Grand Finals for League’s 2014-2015 season got off to an exciting start in Warsaw, Poland on April 25th 2015. A massive amount of fans gathered outside of the Expo XXI building, where The Grand Finals are being held for a...
  • WoT eSports
    WoT Grand Finals 2015
    The Grand Finals for Wargaming’s “World of Tanks” is fast approaching. The world finals are being held this weekend Apr. 25-26th, 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. The top competitive WoT players from around the world will be battling for...
  • WGLNA Gold League
    WGLNA Gold League season 5
    WarGaming's Gold League is holding their fifth season of competitive "World of Tanks" eSports action. Spanning the entirety of the winter holidays, season 5 started back in Dec. 09 of 2014 and will continue throughout January of the...
  • Rally Mode
    New Game Mode for 'World of Tanks'
    “World of Tanks” has a new game mode called Rally Mode. This new game mode is all about tank racing. Rally Mode combines racing with point capture for a unique “World of Tanks” gaming experience.To enter Rally Mode drivers...
  • WoT Blitz
    'World of Tanks' blitzes on to mobile devices
    “World of Tanks” is going mobile with their new game version “World of Tanks Blitz”. Globally live “World of Tanks” fans can now have tank battles anywhere. The game features over 90 vehicles from Germany, the...
  • St. Patricks Wargaming specials
    St. Patrick's Day specials for WoT
    WarGaming is offering some festive deals over this St. Patrick's Day weekend for "World of Tanks" players. The deals range from discounts on vehicles and equipment to new objectives with nice rewards. The specials started on the 14th...
  • World of Tanks
    Celebrate WarGaming's 15th Anniversary with great deals
    It's WarGaming's 15th anniversary and they're celebrating with some great deals for all their players. The event starts August 2nd where players can get in-game bonuses and discounts. Check out the list for more information on the...
  • WoT
    Celebrate the 4th with 'World of Tanks' specials
    The fourth of July may have already passed but that’s no reason not to keep celebrating America’s Independence right on through the weekend. “World of Tanks” is honoring the patriotic holiday with events, specials, and an...
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