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  • Wireless Router
    It’s your Wi-Fi: keep it safe and secure
    I have to ask you this question because I am truly very curious. How many of you folks have your Wi-Fi unprotected and just let it hang out there without any security whatsoever? I am asking you this based on some recent emails and news reports...
  • Proposed changes to in flight internet rules
    In flight internet access expansion proposed by FCC
    The FCC is expected to rule shortly on proposed changes to in flight Wi-Fi rules. The vote could greatly enhance internet access in flight.Currently in flight internet access is inconsistent at best. Travelers have been pleading for better...
  • Curing cabin fever
    Curing cabin fever: When home is your office
    With TiVo tempting, laundry pleading, flowers wilting, and babies crying, it’s a sort of miracle that people get any work done when they work from home. Work definitely happens, but if you run a home-based business, you know that being home...
  • Google Street View Project car
    Newly released FCC report adds to Google Street View controversy
    The controversy over Google’s invasion of privacy by capturing data from open Wi-Fi networks while mapping streets for Google Street View Project has been settled with the FCC but not the public.Google will pay a $25,000 dollar fine for the...
  • JetBlue:Fly with Wi Fi
    JetBlue:Fly with Wi Fi
    JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater became an overnight celebrity after his rampage on a flight in August. This month JetBlue is back in the headlines but for a very different reason. The airline had announced plans to provide Wi-Fi on board...
  • DSC02921.JPG
    Free Wi Fi to be offered by Starbucks
    SBUX LogoFor those of you (like me) whocannot enjoyfree wireless access while at a Starbuckssipping on acaramel macchiato,our prayers have been answered.CEO Howard Schultz announced Monday that Starbucks will be offering free Wi Fi through AT&...
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