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  • This week end at Gulf Shores, Ala. and Orange Beach
    This week end at Gulf Shores, Ala. and Orange Beach
    As the summer vacation period comes to its traditional end on Labor Day, here are some week end extras you may expect at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach on Alabama’s coastline.First, there is an ongoing display at the Orange Beach Art Center of...
  • Pacific Mail docks, San Francisco
    Steamer days in San Francisco
    For years the Pacific Mail Steamships would depart San Francisco on the fifth and twentieth of every month. There would almost always be a large crowd on the wharf but not so vocal as on arrival. Instead of hotel runners there were fruit, nut and...
  • Abandoned ships San Francisco 1853
    The city slip property sale misfortune
    Close on the heels of the defeat of the waterfront extension swindle waterfront property rose rapidly to incredible highs. What few lots that were available commanded record pieces. Among these beach and waterfront properties were some in four...
  • Flying Cloud
    The California Clippers
    The needs of the particular businesses in San Francisco, where the speed with which certain special cargoes could be procured from the east coast or Europe demanded improvements in the way ships were built. Instead of the clumsy old boats that...
  • The Niantic, San Francisco
    How San Francisco buried gold rush ships
    Captain Joseph L. Folsom filled in the first water lot in San Francisco. Located north of California and west of Sansome it had been an expensive undertaking, but the property values went up so fast that it proved a good investment and others soon...
  • San Francisco Harbor, April 1850
    San Francisco and the filling of Yerba Buena Cove
    At the time of statehood San Francisco had about twenty-five thousand people. Growth, mostly due to the gold rush, had been phenomenal. The tents and shanties from 1848-49 were gone from the business section of town and many of the ramshackle...
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