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  • Hillary Clinton has made more money than Jeb Bush, yet she makes wealth an issue
    Hillary Clinton has made more money than Jeb Bush, yet she makes wealth an issue
    As Hillary Clinton tries to make herself a ‘one of us’ candidates, financially, while Democrats en masse compare her to the extremely wealthy Jeb Bush, the truth comes out. Hillary Clinton has made more money than Jeb Bush in recent...
  • 2015 Belmont Stakes Winner American Pharoah
    Primal Urge to Be Liked, to Feel Special: Implications
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the skyThe heart and soul of this beautiful and melodious ditty has captured the imagination of many of us, young and old, today as it did in the...
  • Hillary Clinton gets $600 haircut while campaigning to be just one of us
    Hillary Clinton gets $600 haircut while campaigning to be just one of us
    As former United States Secretary of State as well as former First Lady Hillary Clinton campaigns so diligently to come across as one of us regular folks in the country, she got caught being her elitist self, according to Market Watch on Wednesday...
  • 5 things you didn't know about John D. Rockefeller
    5 things you didn't know about John D. Rockefeller
    Throughout history, Rockefeller has become a name synonymous with great wealth, and John D. Rockefeller was the man who started it all. As the founder of Standard Oil company, Rockefeller not only built massive wealth, but he also drastically...
  • After Obama
    After the Obama drama
    This article is inspired by the conversation at Starbucks this morning.A lot of people are still talking about President Obama. For a president who promised little drama, he sure piled it on. The people who are talking are conservatives who have...
  • 14.6 million millionaires
    Number of millionaires at all time record
    Fox Business and The Associated Press reported on June 17, 2015 that there are more millionaires now than ever hitting a record high of 14.6 million people on planet Earth that are worth $1 million or more. This number has increased in the last...
  • Hillary Clinton
    Would-be candidate of the people spent $200K on summer rental last year per day
    Try as he might, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is going to have a tough timepersuading voters he's an average guy. So saysChris Cillizza, who writes in today's Washington Post: "The issue …is that Rubio has worked to sell the ...
  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton oddly calls out her fellow 'one-percenters'
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is now taking on the “one percenters” of which she is obviously one of the elitists’ group. According to a Business Insider report on Tuesday, Clinton is taking a populist...
  • St. Patrick's Day brings up money matters.
    Money matters on the minds of many
    On holidays like St. Patrick's Day, luck and pots of gold are hot topics, and people are often reminded of their financial situations. Money issues can bring to the surface emotions such as frustration, anxiety and an overwhelming sense of...
  • Actor Lou Gossett Jr.
    You can make your dreams come true
    How do so many people become extremely successful while others do not achieve their goals? What if you had the secret at your finger tips and refused to believe it was within your grasp? Would you take the chance to give a new way of thinking a...
  • Wine
    China's wealthy pay big bucks to learn Western manners
    It was reported by the BBC on Monday that there's quite the culture clash taking place among China's wealthy. In the upscale Sanlitun district of Beijing a class of people, mainly women, are sitting up straight in their chairs while a...
  • San Francisco
    The Richest Cities in the United States in 2015
    A list of the richest cities in the United State of America has been published. The list ranks a city’s wealth via the percentage of its residents who garner more than $150,000 in their annual income. Additionally, the list is limited to...
  • If you took more than a fair share is it really yours?
    If you took more than a fair share is it really yours?
    I am so tired of hearing excessively wealthy people claim that they worked hard for their money and how dare the government steal what is theirs through taxes. Excuse me! Who said it was yours! Did you really have a right to it in the first place...
  • Earning 7 Figures
    Earn 7 Figures in 2015: Ask yourself this one question
    Words matter.In just a few words David Neagle, Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor, changed my mind.David was my guest on a complimentary teleseminar about how to make a quantum leap to earn 7 figures. In the teleseminar, he offered a free...
  • Women studying
    Status and wealth appear to drive women more than wanting babies
    The topic of what drives women in life is perplexing and fascinating. Science Daily reported on Oct. 17, 2014 women are driven by status and wealth instead of wanting babies according to a new study. This study suggests that women are more driven...
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