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  • Call of Duty Ghosts is available on November 5th, 2013.
    Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer map "Warhawk" leaked
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is almost upon us! Being released in two weeks, the title is a sure fire hit, regardless of public perception of the franchise. As we get closer to release, in-game details regarding some of the unseen multiplayer maps are...
  • boxart
    Starhawk (PS3) review
    By 2007 standards, Warhawk was an unusual third person multiplayer game. Not only was it the PlayStation 3’s first dual release as a BD-Rom and digital download, it also took the risk of removing the game’s planned story mode, a risk...
  • Starhawk
    Game review - Starhawk
    Just under two months ago, activist and writer Starhawk was part of the “Occupy the Midwest” regional conference in St. Louis, Missouri. She demonstrated how to act when under arrest (Conard). In an unrelated topic, the name Starhawk...
  • Hands-on: Starhawk
    Hands-on: Starhawk
    Sony recently held a 'PlayStation Pre-Holiday 2011 Media Showcase' in New York City where we went hands-on with their upcoming software lineup for the remainder of 2011 and some of their 2012 lineup.From the creators of Warhawk comes an...
  • Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?
    Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?
    Some users of PlayStation Network are expressing a desire for other content on the PSN that was not listed inyesterday's announcementof the "Welcome Back" program and the amount of users claiming to own the bulk of the content...
  • Starhawk Details and Confirmation, claims SystemLink
    Starhawk Details and Confirmation, claims SystemLink
    Revered by its many active players as one of the best war games online, Warhawk for PlayStation 3 has been long rumored to be receiving a sequel. Starhawk from Lightbox Interactive (consisting largely of the team behind Warhawk on PS3 including...
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