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  • Sweet and sticky describe these breakfast treats
    Sweet and sticky describe these breakfast favorites
    All of us know about the classic breakfast treat, the cinnamon roll. Always perfect with a coffee, tea or milk, it fits into a busy morning at breakfast or at a coffee break. And there's not a limit of how you can get them, since many fast...
  • Caramelized Croissant with Bananas, Walnuts & Coconut
    Brunch Bites: Caramelized Croissant with bananas, walnut & coconut
    Croissants should be the mandatory choice for french toast a) they are french b) they are already packed with flavor c) they have many pockets to absorb even more yummy flavors d) there are always crusty ones left over at the end of the week that...
  • Pumpkin pie with a nutty crunch
    Pumpkin pie with a nutty crunch
    Pumpkin pie is the traditional pie of Thanksgiving, as well all know. An interesting fact about pumpkin is that it's a member of the squash family. It's an excellent source of beta carotene and its smooth flavor makes a wonderful pie, as...
  • 'The Willing Walnut' an "eco-friendly" children's book  for today and Arbor Day.
    'The Willing Walnut' an 'eco-friendly' children's book for today and Arbor Day.
    Wide-eyed children waited with delightful anticipation to have their copy of 'The Willing Walnut' signed by co-author Elizabeth Heintzkill this past weekend at Barnes and Noble in Rivertown Crossings Mall.Co-authored by Tom and Elizabeth...
  • Carmel Banana Nut Muffin
    Caramel Banana Nut Muffins
    Have extra ripe bananas that need to be put to good use? Try this muffin recipe. These muffins travel well and make a good snack. 3 medium ripe bananas (smashed) 1/4 cup shortening (Crisco is a good one) 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs 1 1/2...
  • Reno_Bonzon_Gaivota_rocking_chair_from_Objekto_on_I_Heart_Wood_website.jpg
    This website specializes in home design focused on all things made of wood
    We just found a great website devoted to "cool wooden objects & stuff," I Heart Wood. The site collects wonderfully designed objects made from wood, from the Reno Bonzon 1990 Gaivota chair and other wooden rocking chair favorites ...
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